America’s name is now as disgraced as yours, Mr Trump.


Congratulations Mr Trump. It has taken you three long years, but you have finally accomplished your goal. You have remade this country in your image. Today. the name of America is synonymous with the name of Trump, every bit as cheap and shoddy, and with every bit as little dignity and honor behind it. And in one treacherous moment, you have shown the world that America’s solemn word means as much as Donald Trump’s, which of course means less than nothing.

Not all that long ago, in a speech pandering to Jewish American voters, you mourned that long ago decision to refuse entry of that boat of Jewish refugees to the United States, instead returning them to Europe, to by slaughtered by the very machine that they had come to America to escape. You swore that the mistake must never be repeated. And yet, in the blink of an eye, you condemned the brave Kurdish fighters, who have fought side by side with their American brethren, as well as their families, to the same fate that befell that long ago ship of the damned. You condemned them to death, and you did so without a second thought.

When the last ISIS stronghold of Raqqa fell, you personally celebrated the victory as a shining example of military might, and your own strong leadership. And et, not one American soldier perished in the liberation of Raqqa, all of the fighting was done, and the city liberated by the Kurdish fighters that the United States forces trained and supported in that mission. It was Kurdish forces that fell on the field of battle to accomplish your goal. The same Kurdish forces that you now callously leave to their fate.

In justification for your pathetic cowardice, you told us that you were only keeping your campaign promise, that you were ending another stupid war in the middle east, and bringing our brave troops home. If you truly believe that Mr Trump, then you are even more shallow and ignorant than I gave you credit for. How do you think those brave American troops feel right now? How do you think that they felt when they got on those transports, shamefully saying goodbye to troops that they had eaten, trained and fought beside, knowing full well what the likely outcome was to be for those troops once we pulled back? How do you think those troops will feel, sitting safely in their new positions, damn near close enough to hear the guns as the Kurds they fought side by side with are left to confront one of their oldest, and fiercest enemies, alone?

Mr Trump, you have spent your entire life obsessed with your name, and its purported public image. Up until now, the greatest threat to those has been the perceived illegitimacy of your election, and the possible disgrace of being only the third President in US history to be impeached by the US House of Representatives. But when the final chapter is written on the Kurdish people you just so basely deceived and betrayed, the stain of that will make your impeachment look like a drop of mustard on one of your golf shirts.

It took the United States of America 244 years, and 44 different Presidents to build the name and reputation of the United States into what it was, a paragon or probity, and a name to be trusted. When the United States gave its word to an ally, that word was as good as any US Treasury bond, and just as valuable. And in less than three years, you have managed to drag that good name right down into the same muddy gutter as your own, and with no more honor or dignity than yours. And since you personally appear to be incapable of feeling shame, I guess the rest of us will have to carry that burden around for you as well. Thanks for nothing.

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Kind of dispute your last paragraph, Murf. Ask the various Native American tribes what the US government’s word was worth in the end. Trying extending that to various minorities who got lots of broken promises thrown their way for expediency. With that said, what’s happening to the Kurds is undeniably disgraceful and horrific. Mind you, we have betrayed them before on many occasions (the infamous late 1980s gassing of a village in Northern Iraq was against Kurds, the gas having been provided by us to our then-ally against Iran, Saddam Hussein). But this will likely be the final coffin of… Read more »
p j evans

He cares only for his own image – witness him whining about how impeachment would look on his resume, as if he has needed one, ever.

Mina Kirby

Wow! Well written, Murf. What this monster is doing not only outrages me, but it also makes me very sad. What atrocities will he continue to perpetrate until he can be de-clawed?

p j evans

Oh, this is wonderful: he’s saying we don’t owe the Kurds because they didn’t help on D-Day.

Someone get the straitjacket, please!

Markm Mitchell

“Make America Great Again”?
Trump, Pence, Barr, et al, will all be jailed.