I’m not going to tell you to get out your tinfoil hats, because, truth be known, this is not the craziest proposition I’ve ever heard. This is plausible. Conservative columnist Johnathan Last opines that Lindsey Graham has been sucking up to Trump all this time, because he figured that the best way that he could have influence over the lunatic (my words, not Last’s) in a time of crisis, would be by being an insider. So. Graham got inside the Trump cabal, onto the links with Trump, onto the Trump sycophant circuit on TV, etc. — waiting for the right moment to exercise his influence and that moment happened this week, with the Syrian debacle. Lindsey Graham is a double agent, so to speak, and he’s here to save the day. The Bulwark:

Graham rushed out onto Twitter. He ginned up the beginnings of sanctions legislation to try to protect the Kurds if (when) Turkey slaughters them.

He even called in to Fox & Friends.

I know it sounds like I’m goofing on him, but I’m not. If you want to get this president’s attention immediately, showing up on Fox & Friends is better than being part of the delegation for his morning briefing.

My point is this: Lindsey Graham is doing everything he can to try to influence a specific, deeply important, piece of policy. Because of Trump’s decision, American allies will die. The region will destabilize. Our adversaries will benefit.

Lindsey Graham has spent three years abasing himself in front of Donald J. Trump. Three years in which he has had to publicly repudiate just about everything he’s ever said. And he did it all with an eye toward a moment like this: When Trump might do something impulsive and dangerous to American foreign policy.

And Graham’s theory was: When the moment of peril comes, I can do more good for American interests by being on the inside. That way, I’ll be able to influence Trump’s decision-making.

I have to admit, this never occurred to me. My theories have ranged from alien mind control to extortion, but Lindsey Graham, agent provocateur, undercover? Posturing as a Trump toadie so that when the moment of truth came, he could turn into Captain America and save the republic? Well, it’s a novel twist, you must admit. And friends, let’s face it: nothing, and I mean no thing, is impossible in this administration. If the past three years have taught us anything, surely it has taught us that.


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Give me a fucking break.


Nah, that presupposes a level of thought not seen since the W administration. I think he’s just another drowning rat who realizes–far too late–that he bet on the wrong horse.

UMMM SO WHAT? Trump is mob and could care less. It is up to the American People to expose him. and it would be easy if our MSM would cooperate and run pieces on the #PananaPapers and work @Europol and @ICIJorg reporters and @OCCRP reporters are doing to bring down all the clients of #MossackFonseca #Panamaian Law Firm… THE TRUE HERO in this world is the spy who obtained the #PanamaPaper and someday AMERICA will see it and know it. One small step at a time YOU CAN go to @ICIJorg and @OCCRP and report every story they have done… Read more »

Oh, so this is why he saved Kavanaugh!

Alfred Higgins

There is no possibility for Flimsey Graham to rehabilitate himself through cobbling together a “Save the Kurds” resolution. He has more than earned an enduring perch in the Hall of Shame. There could never be a single act of redemption great enough to for Graham to expunge his un-American behavior to date. This schtick is pure Republican pretzel logic.


How does this explain his kavanaugh freak out?


Bullshit !


He’s not done anything for us as nation. He’s hiding for his own self preservation and coming out on this is because he up for reelection and has to look like he doing something. He just a suck a and a boot licker