In this roller coaster in Wonderland thrill-ride that we call American politics, 2019, here’s yet another unexpected and stomach-knotting plunge. Donald Trump has decided to withdraw troops in Syria. Already the reaction is fiercely negative, but guess who has joined that chorus? Can you believe — Lindsey Graham?

Graham is going to introduce a Senate resolution and oppose Trump. Oh, my ears and whiskers, I can barely parse this. This is almost not believable. Not at 6:30 a.m. on the West Coast, which is where I’m reading about this and writing this piece. The sun is barely up here, and Washington is plunged into chaos, once more and again. Is the old Lindsey Graham back? The side kick of the Maverick? Perhaps he is, but he’s taking heat for what he’s been saying and doing the past three years.

Military leaders are reacting against this ploy of Trump’s and they are not pleased, to put it mildly. Raw Story:

On Monday, retired Gen. Mark Hertling laid into President Donald Trump on CNN for his sudden order to pull the military out of Syria and transfer U.S. responsibilities to Turkey.

“This is devastating across the board in so many ways,” said Hertling. “It’s devastating for anyone who has an alliance with us in the past and looks to work for us in the future. It’s devastating for the military planners that are on the ground and the soldiers working with the Kurdish allies. It gives the NATO allies the opportunity to do some things that will significantly affect not only the Middle East but also the European footprint. I think it will certainly provide an impetus for the war against ISIS to be renewed in a much bigger way than it already was being renewed. So there are so many things you could talk about that are complicated by this action, this spur of the moment action, if you will, by the White House. It’s just incredibly jaw-dropping from my perspective.

It’s going to be a wild week.


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5 Comments on "Whoa! Lindsey Graham Grows A Pair and Opposes Trump’s Withdrawal of Syrian Troops"

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Sorry, Lindsey, but it is too goddamn late for you to pretend that you care. In fact, given the USA’s track record for using and abusing the Kurds, I’m surprised that you’re not just passing this off as business as usual. Before this is over, your entire political party will be branded as the ones who lost the Middle East.


I wonder how long it’s gonna take before he flip flops back the other way?

p j evans

It’s going to make Himself’s meeting and dinner with senior military officers even more interesting.

Denis Elliott

This is about much more than the troops getting pulled from Syria. We have small units in a lot of dangerous places, and the trust needed for them to operate under the assumption their partners won’t turn on them to curry favor with some warlord/former common enemy is now open to question EVERYWHERE such units are. This is a massive blow to national security, and the safety of our troops everywhere both now and in the future.

Alfred Higgins

Flimsey Graham may have grown a “new pair”, but they are still microscopic and undescended, thus invisible!