Trump Continues Decompensating Under Pressure: “Pelosi Treason,” “Unmatched Wisdom”


Admittedly, no one would trade places with Trump right now. Trump has Vlad threatening to release tapes and records of god only knows what, the rest of the Republican caucus crying about betrayal of the Kurds, all while facing an impeachment inquiry with fresh new firsthand witnesses. It is not a good day to be Donald Trump.

And it shows.

Let’s start with projection, it is always safe for an aspiring dictator to threaten one’s opponents with the same crime for which one is accused. Except, perhaps do it with some circumspection? At least make it sound plausible? No, not Trump, he must accuse Nancy Pelosi of treason. 

This is, of course, insane.

“Every bit as guilty “for” high crimes and misdemeanors, and even Treason.” And then he calls for the impeachment of people who cannot be impeached. *Pro-Tip, Ace, yeah, you – Trump, if you think they committed crimes, your Attorney General is supposed to go and charge them. That is actually “okay” in the constitution. After all, your DOJ charged two Republicans in 2018 of corruption, that is the way to do it.

Problem being, of course, neither Schiff nor Pelosi committed a crime and Trump knows it. So, this is even more insane than one might think on first brush.

Then there is his defense of his betrayal with the Kurds. He is really in it this time, because he clearly pulled out to please Vladimir, and enraged Republican allies by doing it. So Trump tells us that his move is going to really piss the Russians off:

We can always “go back and BLAST” ??? From the American president? And sure, everyone believes Russia is furious, because that’s what you do, Ace.

And this will live right up there in infamy with “very stable genius”:

Getting away from the Kurds put Trump’s “mind” on his money, specifically, government records of his money – taxes. Trump took a 70 page judicial ruling up his rear this morning, refusing to grant him cover from a NY subpoena for his taxes. The ruling has already been appealed, but Trump wants us to know that this is all so deeply unfair!

Has he ever issued a tweet that didn’t sound like a scream? You can imagine the number of responses he got noting that “nothing has happened like that before” because other presidents simply produce their tax returns.

However bad he was, however “used to it” we are, he is clearly getting worse. And, to be serious for a moment, magine just how much pressure this man feels, given that he’s built everything precariously upon keeping disparate groups pleased, while also hiding deeply dangerous information about his personal life and business dealings. If the entire apparatus, think clowns juggling balls, falls down, he goes to jail and loses it all. It would, of course, drive near anyone to the edge.

Except he was over the edge to begin with.

The result is someone who tweets about his “great and unmatched wisdom” (do 7th graders tweet such boasts?) while telling the Speaker of the House to go impeach herself for treason, and crying that no other president had to go to court to get an order to protect his taxes from a state prosecutor. If it sounds insane, it is because it is insane.


Peace, y’all

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Lil Blue Sock

Judas….Benedict Arnold…..Queisling…..Trump……

….names which will live in infamy.

p j evans

At least the first two of those had understandable reasons for their actions.


Look what inflation has done to thirty pieces of silver over two millenia.

It seems to me i remember several presidents being investigated during their term for this or that and being unwilling to turn over to the wolves whatever they wanted at the time. Obama didnt want to give his birth certificate ..??. and he shouldnt have to. Our president who” we ” the people voted into office has from the beginning been ridiculed. And railroaded beyond any other,. Has been a victim of these smear campaigns attacked by all media and people who are so dirty themselves that they cant see through it clearly. This is nothing new in politics. its… Read more »