Donald Trump seems to be following the classic profile of a narcissist in an impending psychological breakdown. Narcissists who find themselves losing control become enraged, and the rage leads to even greater loss of control and inability to manage emotion, and that leads in turn to enhanced delusions and declarations of even greater power, and so the downward spiral continues. At least, that’s what the text books say. Here is Donald Trump’s latest grandiose delusion, expressed on Twitter, where else?

And who will decide to “go back & BLAST!” Why, King Donald, of course, he who possesses “great and unmatched wisdom.”

Now, this is not exactly normal dialogue for an American president, these declarations of omniscience, but then “normal” was a dimension that we passed out of quite some time back. We’re still trapped in a Twilight Zone episode, here. This is what a Harvard psychologist said.

In all seriousness, if this is not what the 25th Amendment was designed for, then I’m not sure I even want to know what the threshold is to have that remedy invoked. If one of the yous and mes started talking this way, we’d be in a hospital under a 5150. What does Trump have to do before Congress decides he’s over the edge? Nuke New Zealand? I hope somebody is ready to tackle him and take the nuclear football. Is the fate of the republic, perhaps the world, in the hands of Ivanka? Word has it that she’s the only one he listens to. Here’s a sensible bottom line from Dan Rather.

Rather is right. If there’s one thing you can depend upon, whatever Trump decides to do — it’s about him. It ain’t about us. We have a sitting president who could not care less about the people he was elected to serve. Hardly a new insight, but in light of these recent developments, one that sinks in, as even more stunning in import than before.

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The Weekend Frittata Dude
The Weekend Frittata Dude

He has come completely unhinged. What is it going to take?

P J Evans

Moscow Mitch being buried under the stack of bills in his in-basket (400 so far) and not being able to reach a phone of any kind.
All the cabinet officials (real and acting) getting the Titanian Two-Step and being incommunicado for two weeks.
And the senior GOP-T in Congress deciding that they need another week of recess.


I know, right? Next he’ll declare himself Caesar or something.


How does this reflect on those who support him, both in and out of government?

P J Evans

Poorly. But many of them won’t change their views.


Aw, he just left out two words. Between “unmatched” and “wisdom. “Lack of.”

Alfred Higgins

Hate to say it all over again, but “That’s what we been tryin’ to tell you” professors of psychological matters. I ain’t no Sigmund Freud, but tRump has been a lunatic since long before 2016.