I Know What You’re Thinking. But Don’t Even.


And I’d do almost anything that you want me to. But I can’t go for that, Nooooo, no can do.   Hall and Oates

So, the news came out late in the day on Friday. The House committees have requested documents and information from the Vice President concerning his knowledge and activities surrounding El Pendejo Presidente’s phone call with the President of the Ukraine. Hey, I’m down with that. Get all the facts you can, to make the GOP Senators look that much worse for betraying their oath to the constitution in letting Emperor Numbus Nuttus off of the hook.

But then, somebody went and kinda pissed in the punch bowl. It was reported on at least one media outlet that the House was “including” Mike Pence in their impeachment investigation. If “including” means that they want documents, and possibly depositions from Pence staffers, then that’s fine. But if by “including,” they mean that they’re expanding their investigation into Pence’s conduct as well, then, as they said in Apollo 13, Houston, we have a problem.

Never take your eyes from the main prize. This is about Trump. It has always been about Trump. From Access Hollywood to the Mueller investigation, and from the Mueller investigation to the Ukraine scandal, Trump has always been the mover and shaker. But the sole focus in this inquiry has to be getting Trump out of office. If the Democrats start trying to pair him up with Pence, that way lies disaster.

For one thing, while Donald Trump may be a political ignoramus, Mike Pence is not. He is a multi term former congressman from Indiana, as well as a failed one term Governor of the same state. While Trump may have a bunch of cro magnon retards staffing his administration, Pence has professionals. The committees will get exactly what Pence and his staff want them to get, because Mike Pence knows self preservation in politics as well as anyone.

And if you depose Pence, I can already tell you exactly what you’re going to get. You’re going to get Nuremburg in 1946. I vas chust vollowink orders! And to a certain extent, he’s right. It’s the President who sets policy, not his body double. And while you can say that the honorable thing for Pence to do would have been to resign rather than carry out those orders, good luck in trying to confirm that Pence laid out the quid pro quo, especially if Zelensky stays as silent as the tomb. You just can’t tar Pence badly enough with the Trump brush on this one, he made sure to leave enough distance and deniability.

For another thing, if you put a target on Pence’s back, you take away, once and for all, the GOP Senate’s safety net. No matter how froot-loopy His Lowness got, in the back of every GOP Senator’s mind was the fact that, if by circumstance they had to drop the hammer on Trump, at least there was a sane, normal conservative in the wings, ready to step in, and begin the process of healing the country. And if the Democrats make it clear that they’re gunning for Pence too, they make it that much easier for the GOP to leave with the one who brung ya as Chris Matthews likes to say.

Because, as badly as Trump is flailing around right now if any kind of pressure starts to mount on Pence, I could see him going to the cabinet and trying to pull the trigger on the 25th Amendment. That way, Pence is the selfless leader who put country first. And the GOP, especially in the Senate, would be thrilled to see it. They would finally be rid of Trump and his infantile bullshit, and while they would lose the Trombies, which is the ultimate goal, they may well actually rally “traditional” conservatives back to the GOP, giddy with joy at the thought of a return to normalcy.

But here’s the real reason that this would be the worst idea ever. If the House impeaches Trump, and the Senate actually votes to convict, then Mike Pence becomes President. The first thing that Pence does is to nominate someone to serve as his Vice President. This nominee has to be confirmed by congress. That’s what the 25th Amendment says And if the Democrats in the House refuse to confirm any nominee, no matter how sane, while continuing to investigate or attempt to impeach Mike Pence, then they make 2016 look like a walk in the park.

Because of the line of succession, if Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office, and Mike Pence could be impeached before a vice presidential nominee is confirmed, then the third in succession to the presidency is the Speaker of the House. That’s right, Nancy Pelosi would become the President of the United States. Which would make 2016 look like a walk in the park compared to 2020.

This would unleash a shitstorm of biblical proportions. Not only would the Senate GOP flat out refuse to even consider impeaching Pence, but the GOP writ large would immediately carpet bomb the airwaves with advertising claiming that the Democrats were trying to use the impeachment process to overturn the results of a duly held election, and instead install an illegitimate government. And you know what? They’d probably win. The Democrats animus to Trump is legend, and compared to Trump, Mike Pence looks like the snotty, holier-than-thou little evangelical shit that he pretends to be. Not only would the Senate never impeach Trump, but the Democrats in 2020 could run Jesus Christ himself, and still ensure that Pence got a 4 year term.

So please, you wanna hit Pence up for documents and deposition testimony that neither he nor his staff are likely to provide, by all means, knockez vous your socks off. But whatever you do, don’t even give off a whisper about throwing Pence on the same fire as Trump, or you give the GOP the kind of 2020 campaign rhetoric, as well as GOP Senate incumbents up for reelection in 2020, the kind of firepower that they couldn’t possibly get from anywhere else. Just a word to the wise.

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Nick Sullivan

There are actually Five Issues as we near 2020:
Donald Trump.
Donald J. Trump.
President Trump.
President Donald Trump.
I might also add “the presidency” and “winning the White House.”
Senate, schmenate … Pence, schmence … “Plans,” schmans.
Yes I’m not a Warren fan; see my Five Issues, above.

p j evans

AFAIK, they’re after documents from Pence that may shed more light on what Himself was up to. They aren’t (yet) aiming at Pence.

Ursula Faw

I agree with your logic, Murf. Although we know what a consummate liar Pence is, ever since he denied knowing about Mike Flynn and claiming he read it in the Washington Post, like the rest of us, that’s been evident. But going after him is not what we need to do. We need to get the Lunatic in Chief out of office.

Another problem inherent in the impeaching of Trump is that the Democrats can put themselves into as equally problematic situation if Trump’s removed and Pence becomes the President. When he nominates a VP, your contention is that said VP *must* be confirmed. That’s incorrect. The text of the Constitution merely states, “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.” That still leaves open the loophole that Congress does not HAVE to confirm as the… Read more »

Another Democrat terrified to take out the repubican party once and for all.

You can have everyone from The Dorito in chief to Pence to Pompeo and Barr doing a perp walk.

Just another Bitc# @$$ Democrat. B.A.D.

Which is why I would never call myself a Democrat.

Too many cowards in that crowd.