The Only Way to LOVE Hearing from Trump: Hilarious Snapchat


Point, the first, this is literally the coolest, funniest thing on the net, as it stands today. You will never want to hear or see Trump in any other way again. Turn up the volume, it is nothing without the sound:

Point the second: One is so used to recoiling from Trump’s moronic utterances, that it is difficult to really appreciate the stupidity of his actual words and syntax. But not with the snapchat.

“But China …”

Sometimes little stupid things end up having disproportionate impact, even great beauty, according to the mathematical science of “Chaos Theory.” We never know what little things can end up turning the tide in a war for the country.

This one isn’t quite as funny, but still full of awesome:

No one, I mean no one, takes greater pride in puffing himself up with faux-testosterone and glare, than Trump. No one goes to greater lengths to intimidate. Seeing his words projected into the little weasel-worthy sneak that Trump personifies, could – could – have an impact no one could have predicted.

And it’s just so damn funny. Even without imagining the orange one cringing when checking his Twitter feed.


Peace, y’all



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5 Comments on "The Only Way to LOVE Hearing from Trump: Hilarious Snapchat"

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p j evans

I’d seen a shot of that second tweet – and it’s funny.

Cherl Harrell

The second one won’t play on my pc, for some reason. The first one did make me smile and the original never does.

Ilene Proctor

I only pray for the day when the GOP aligns their spines so we never have to HEAR from Agent Orange ever again.