Republican Party Reeling: Leadership No Shows, 2nd Whistleblower, #PerryMadeMeDoIt, Block Impeachment?


It appears that this Sunday dawns on a Republican-America without anyone sure who is in charge, or what to do next. Chaos seems to be the theme going into the official day of “rest.”

The “Sunday Shows,” the old-school, once-weekly, sit around the kitchen table and pretend to talk like things are normal, episodes on the actual networks, have been unable to book a single White House official, or anyone from congressional leadership.

We are still an hour from air time, but guests generally don’t magically appear within an hour, and they never do with a fully-formed plan. Knowing the critical timing, how the Republicans come upon a Sunday morning without a line-up to address the most penetrating questions in a generation is worth pondering. Perhaps the best thing available was ‘no plan” and sit it all out. Perhaps there was simply no one willing to defend Trump today, with all that is still unknown.


Republicans are reeling, after all. Fox-talking head Tom Fitton suggested that Mitch McConnell “change the rules” so that the Senate doesn’t have to have a trial. Given that, in this case, “the rules” come from the constitution, apparently Fitton believes that McConnell can (and should) change the constitution to protect Trump.

This is the Republican party, notice how readily they’ll give up the constitution? To keep Trump?

Meanwhile, we learned that a federal judge in Washington ordered the White House to preserve all presidential communications with foreign leaders. The order issued due to concerns arising upon hearing that the White House had preserved some phone calls on the “codeword” system that is not the system generally used to catalogue such calls.

Jackson, an appointee of President Barack Obama, instructed the White House to preserve “all records of efforts by White House or other executive branch officials to return, ‘claw back,’ ’lock down’ or recall White House records” about dealings with foreign officials.

ABC News reports that a second whistleblower who has “first-hand” knowledge of the events has filed his complaint and spoken with the Inspector General. There are inferences on MSNBC that this same law firm represents “multiple” whistleblowers, meaning there are more coming forward.

Were all that not enough, we also have #PerryMadeMeDoIt trending on Twitter, mocking – before it really takes hold – the anticipated Trump defense, “I called Ukraine because Rick Perry asked me to do it,” probably cooked-up by Jared.

You get the idea.

It would appear that everyone’s favorite Republican party is on the run, this Sunday, the beginning of Impeachment Week “3” (as we categorize it), and things are going about as well as you would expect of any Trump-run organization.

Literally anything could happen today.


Peace, y’all

Jason, and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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8 Comments on "Republican Party Reeling: Leadership No Shows, 2nd Whistleblower, #PerryMadeMeDoIt, Block Impeachment?"

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Lone Wolf

“I called Ukraine because Rick Perry asked me to do it,” probably cooked-up by Jared.

cooked up by Jared, was my first thought LOL

Markm Mitchell

This week will be one to watch very closely.

p j evans

Try not to DO on tylenol – or alcohol.

p j evans

damn – that’s OD, not DO. no edit….

Markm Mitchell

Umm… wasn’t planning on it.

p j evans

Fitton needs to go read the Constitution. Impeachment is part of it. (Maybe he can follow “The Constitution for Dummies” – but it could be too complex for him.)


They know…they’ve tried pretending otherwise but they know. They’ve enjoyed Prince Prospero’s party, save for the few times the clock struck the hour. But now a figure in crimson walks amongst them, infuriating the prince to the point where he starts chasing it. The prince is too angry to recognize his scarlet party crasher but the guests do. That figure is who they came to this party to avoid but the former has a habit of inviting themselves in. And now there is nowhere left to run.