Trump’s “Corruption Defense” Laughable on its Face: He Has no Defense


Backed into a corner, Trump’s last defense with respect to calling on Ukraine and China to investigate Biden is that he has an “absolute right” and/or “duty,” to investigate “corruption.”

Clearly, Trump and his aides, Barr, Pompeo, and perhaps Trump-friendly allies around the globe, have determined that Trump must castigate himself as the anti-corruption president as the only way forward. Quote from Rawstory:

“I don’t care about Biden’s campaign,” Trump said. “But I do care about corruption. His campaign, that’s up to him. Politics, that’s up to them. I don’t care about politics.“

He doesn’t care about politics, he cares about “corruption.”

He cares about “Ukrainian corruption,” but doesn’t care about Russian corruption, perhaps the most corrupt country on Earth. Russian corruption sucks the lifeblood out of the global economy, because Russia’s only export is “lawlessness.”

Trump cares about “corruption,” but gave cover to a nation borne of corruption, Saudi Arabia, that “corruptly” killed an American resident journalist in the most horrific manner, and has tortured and executed whistleblowers since MBS’s rise.

Trump cares about “corruption,” but has overseen the most corrupt, grifting cabinet and “first-family” in history, and we’ve only scratched the surface. Think military spending at his Scotland resort, and the DOJ Christmas party at the Trump DC hotel.

He cares about “corruption,” but when Jeff Session’s DOJ prosecuted two Republican congressman prior to the 2018 election for corruption, Trump criticized Sessions for the prosecution.

I could go on.

But, want to know who cannot go on? Can’t go on beyond: “I am against corruption”?


On Friday, a reporter asked Trump to cite any other action Trump had taken around the globe against “corruption,” and whether Trump had asked a foreign leader for assistance in rooting out “corruption” in any setting besides political rivals, just one example.

Trump had none.

“You know, we would have to look,” Trump responded.

“What I ask for and what I always will ask for is anything having to do with corruption with respect to our country,” he continued. “If a foreign country can help us with respect to corruption and corruption probe, and — I don’t care if it’s Biden or anybody else. If they can help us.”

“If Biden is corrupt, if his son is corrupt — when his son takes out billions of dollars and he has no experience. He just got fired from the Navy. When they do that, that’s no good. So — just to finish your question. Anything having to do with corruption, I actually feel I have an obligation to do that.”

So, the answer is “No, but listen to all these bad things about Joe Biden …” This is just so god-awful dangerous.

Want to know the constitutional extent of the White House’s obligations? Keep its nose out of criminal investigations of all types.

I know it all sounds quaint, but at one point, it would have been considered “obviously impeachable” for the president to even pick up the phone and direct the A.G. to investigate anyone, never mind pick up the phone and ask a foreign leader to investigate someone.

At one point, the one sure answer you would hear from the White House about “investigations” of any type, was: “The White House does not comment about ongoing official investigations.” Indeed, even in Trump’s White House, Don McGahn once refused a Trump order to fire Robert Mueller in his investigation.

Trump isn’t the slightest bit interested in “corruption,” Trump IS corruption personified. Now that the State Department texts have been released, the “corruption” defense is even less tenuous. But, stand back for just a second, and savor the near comical irony: To believe Trump, you would have to believe that Trump, for the first time in Trump’s memory, he finds it deeply disturbing for a U.S. President’s or Vice President’s family member to work for a foreign company and profit off the relationship. That is damn close to perfection, with respect to irony.

He isn’t interested in fighting corruption. He is corruptly using the government to fight for his own political life, a life rooted in corruption.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom



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Cherl Harrell

This is completely what he does. He claims the high ground and the other parties’ role. Didn’t someone the other day say “the president is the whistle-blower”? It is total and perfect irony and hypocrisy personified.

dana fairfield

Stephen Miller is the someone you are looking for.

Cherl Harrell

The other thought that I had, was that by trying to tie Ukraine to the election hacking, he is trying to clear Russia of those charges, because the Russians are our “friends”.


People need to face Trump at the interview/helicopter comments and say clearly … “Who is telling you this information? It’s all fabricated lies, we need to hear the truth from a President ….”

Or … “Does Putin tell you everything to say to the press.”

You can see how he would easily be sucked into various responses because he stutters so much when challenged with, “Thinking on his feet, real time”,.

p j evans

He uses the chopper to avoid those questions: either he can’t hear them (the easy way out) or he has to leave.


If it wasn’t obvious before, Trump has fully ensconced himself in his bunker, waiting on someone else to bail him out or the situation to magically improve. That’s usually the prelude to personal catastrophe striking you down.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Jason, love, I understand what you mean by using the word “irony”, but I think irony left the building some time ago!

p j evans

There’s now a suggested name for this mess: “Crackpot Dome”

Markm Mitchell

Exactly, Jason.