Trump Oozing Desperation: Calls for Romney’s Impeachment


Proving once again that everything in Trump’s life is “transactional,” Donald Trump lashed out at Mitt Romney today.

Of course Trump did. We could have written the headline yesterday. However, as per usual, there is an “only-Trump” angle that, well, “only Trump” could have come up with. He wants Romney “impeached.”

Umm, dude?

Never mind.

Yes! Definitely, get someone on your staff on that. There must be a way for you to impeach Mitt, find it!

Oh, and Trump wants you to know that he is correcting the record on who is interfering with the 2020 presidential election:

Let us set aside the question as to how one “interferes” in an election that occurred three years ago, in which one lost.

According to Trump, it is the Democrats who are “interfering” in the 2020 presidential election, not him. Of course it is, because we all know that one of Donald’s favorite tactics is to take your accusation and accuse you of the crime. Hillary colluded with Russia, the Democrats are interfering with the 2020 election, and the Air Force is paying me to sleep at my house.

Speaking of Hillary. She still lives rent-free in Trump’s pointed head. Breathe in this desperation, knowing how thoroughly puckered a guy’s gotta be to tweet shit like this on a beautiful October Saturday:


That kind of presidential desperation is like crisp air, sunshine, colored leaves … beautiful.


Peace, y’all

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7 Comments on "Trump Oozing Desperation: Calls for Romney’s Impeachment"

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Oozing desperation?

Well, he was.

Now it’s more of a flop sweat.


And now it is all Rick Perry’s fault. Lol.

p j evans

He still seems to think that cleaning a disk drive involves actual physical cleaning. He’s incapable of learning.


How did she acid wash her server when it was all the way in the Ukraine? Ain’t she in New York?

Lil Blue Sock

*applauds and bows slightly to the winner*

Lil Blue Sock

If Mittens plays his cards right he can offer himself as the leader of the “New” Republican Party for the moderates who have been left wandering lost in the woods once Trump implodes.


p j evans

All ten or twenty of them?