Trump Just Committed ANOTHER CRIME! Just Asked China to Investigate Biden


Oh. My. God.

During chopper-talk on the South Lawn, Trump just called on China to investigate the Bidens, along with Ukraine doing so.

Recall yesterday how I noted that Trump would attempt to normalize the entire crime? The “Yeah, I did it, it was GREAT!” defense?

I didn’t think he would do it this way, or this strongly, this soon!

The ramifications are rippling across the nation, and twitter, already.


I am at a loss for words.

He is forcing Republicans to convict him.

Pelosi and Schiff need to have a press conference within two hours and declare the impeachment matter “urgent,” and “necessary to protect the integrity of the constitution and 2020 election, this man is recklessly tearing the nation apart.” They would get the votes in the House, and I swear, they might damn well get a conviction in the Senate.

This is amazing.

And behind closed doors, the former envoy to the Ukraine, is telling House lawyers all about what Trump did in secret.


Peace, y’all

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7 Comments on "Trump Just Committed ANOTHER CRIME! Just Asked China to Investigate Biden"

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m troy

this is merely fodder for his insanity defense


This is what I was getting at in another comment a few days ago. How do we continue to draw out impeachment, when he says things like this.


It’s a process, Cmae, not a lynch mob. Do recall that we only got started on this exactly one week ago. I understand if you feel like it’s been longer; I actually had to confirm that timeline with Mom. Be reassured that NOTHING is going to stop this from reaching its final conclusion…too much momentum now.


Why are you shocked by this, Jason? I mean that sincerely…it’s hardly as though he didn’t trot out the same thing in 2016. And THAT is the key to understanding this…he’s falling back on what worked before because, well, it worked before. The problem is that this situation has gotten far bigger than him or anyone else. The machine is in motion and nothing will stop it.

Oh and I expect China to throw him an anvil if they give him anything.

p j evans

He seems to believe that he’s above the law and can’t be charged with anything. (If it’s illegal in private, it’s also going to be illegal in public.)

Markm Mitchell

Trump, et al, will be going to jail.