Trump’s “image” problem.


This whole Trump Ukraine phone call scandal is devastating for Trump, and not only is the State Department Inspector General going to make it even worse in a couple of hours, Trump himself is making it worse. But there’s nothing he can do about it, after all, he’s Trump and a dog’s gotta howl.

Trump has always been a small, petty, childish, mean, vindictive man, but for the last almost 5 years now, he’s made that work for him. And he did that by controlling the messaging. When he insulted Democratic lawmakers, or recalcitrant Republicans, or anybody else who displeased him, especially Robert Mueller, he did it by setting the narrative and the context of the conversation or issue. Then, when he let lose his barrage of insane shit on Twitter, it ca,e across to some as cutting, sarcastic, and funny, instead of stupid, childish and insulting. But the days of His Lowness controlling the narrative are over and done with, and as long as the Democrats keep the pressure on, they ain’t coming back. Which presents yet another problem for Trump.

Many Trump supporters, even those who continue to insist that they still back and support Emperor Numbus Nuttus, freely admit that they wish he’d just cut out all of the Twitter bullshit and do the job they ut him there to do. They voted for change and an outsider, and they never found his Twitter or oral stunts particularly funny or endearing. And that was when things were going relatively well.

But things are no longer going well, and Trump is no longer controlling the controlling the conversation. And if there’s one thing that everybody hates, even Trump supporters, it’s a sore loser.Nobody, including Trombies. hates it when their kid continues to insist tht he’s innocent, instead of just admitting that he fucked up, and owning it. Hell, Trump and the GOP writ large have accused the Democrats of this, whining and creating excuses for fucking up an election that they should have easily won. But now the shoe is on the other foot.

At the moment, the Democrats are pitch perfect. Democratic presidential candidates shake their heads sadly, and intone on how they wish that they didn’t have to embark on this sad course. Speaker Pelosi, in her presser today with Intel Chair Adam Schiff, set the tone. She spoke of the House’s continuing work on lower drug prices and the new NAFTA agreement, and wouldn’t let reporters question her and Schiff about Trump until they discuss the other important issues to the American people first. They came across as sane, sober adults, saddened by the impeachment, but resolute in seeing it through, all while continuing to legislate on behalf of the American people that they were elected to serve.

And then along came The Pampers President, out own beloved Toddler in Chief. With a real, actual President sitting next to him in the Oval Office, it was a steady stream of “Shifty Schiff,” and “Nasty Nancy,” far right wing conspiracy theories, and vague muttered threats at all and sundry who oppose him. In other words, a classic Trumper tantrum. Carried live on national television. Show me another two year old who wouldn’t have instantly qualified for a time out in the corner, followed by a nap for antics like that.

Look, there are plenty of people there who still want to support Trump and his overall agenda. But now, for the first time, they are seeing his childish behavior in the context it always should have been viewed in, instead of the carefully contrive context he previously presented it in. And I don’t think that they’re going to like it, it only makes him look guiltier. I have long insisted that Trump’s true base is 30-32^, and the more that he drives away the last of his soft supporters, it will be interesting to see how close the polls actually get to that number.

Right now, Trump is in a downward spiral, and that is only going to get worse. While everybody else is fixated on the actual facts of the Ukraine scandal, Trumplethinskin himself is fixating on everything but the facts, and it isn’t helping. At this point, I think that the Democrats, as well as everybody else, follow Corey Lewandowski’s advice, and just let Trump be Trump. because right now? He’s knocing it out of the park.

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p j evans

Not just live on TV, but live on TV with the Finnish President.

Kim A Brower

Do y’all need a proofreader?

Lone Wolf

Time of the month, hun?


Good to see I’m not the only one thinking that.
What I miss most these days is prepositions, there seems to be a war on them or something…