Admit it, we dodged a bullet.


I don’t mind admitting it, I am getting way too old for this shit. We won”t say that democracy was at deaths door, but the old dear was on a respirator, with a toddler running around over by the outlets. Thank God we grabbed the little bugger in time!

I’m the last one who will be throwing rose petals at Nancy Pelosi’s clomping feet, or laying a laurel wreath upon her weathered brow. If Madame Speaker had had her way, impeachment hearings would have begun on the first Thursday after the Second Coming. But I’d rather be lucky than good any old day, and Pelosi finally knew a good thing when she saw one, even if she had to be tied down like Malcolm McDowell in a Clockwork Orange, with his eyelids taped open.  Pelosi was finally dragged, kicking and screaming, to the altar of impeachment by seven of the very members she was trying to protect, who finally penned an op-ed saying, ‘This shit has gone far enough.” The car may have broken down, but we finally crawled to the circus.

While impeaching Trump is the paramount thing, believe it or not, the most important battle has already been won. It is now almost doubtless that articles of impeachment will be filed by, and passed in the House of Representatives. Either McConnell and his band of merry mutts will convict in the Senate, or they won’t. But so long as Trump is sufficiently weakened to be plucked like a nit from a child’s scalp next November, I can live with the outcome. Because the marker has been laid.

Democracy is alive and kicking, and she’s aiming for the balls. The system worked. It worked n 2017, when maximum public pressure was brought to bear on GOP congress critters to stop Trump’s most egregious legislative advances. It worked in 2018, when the populace looked around, decided that this group of peripatetic leaches was no longer worthy of holding unified control, and elected the Democrats to control the House, to provide a check and balance to Trump and the GOP. And most of all, it worked in 2019, when the Democrats finally remembered that they owed their allegiance to the constitution, and not their seats.

This impeachment is a warning to both parties, but especially the Republicans, that it is unwise to actively enable, or even passively tolerate an executive branch run amok. The problem with these narcissistic power grabbers is that they never know when enough is enough. You give them a foot, and they grab for the hip. You let them get away with something, and instead of thanking their lucky stars and hiding out, they go to greater lengths, feeling invincible. But the warning has now been issued. Even with a slavishly compliant Senate, and a rigged national right wing media complex, there are still Rubicons that may not be crossed.

This should be a doubly stinging rebuke for the Republicans, because this is the second time in two generations that they have pimped their reputations and honor at the hands of a strutting popinjay and been made to pay the price. The two differences this time is that at least Nixon tried to cover up and hide his myriad sins, while Trump is so pathetically incompetent that he ended up publicly confessing his sins. And Donald Trump makes Richard Nixon look like a upright citizen. As Pee Wee Herman is wont to say, How many times we gotta do this damn scene, Roger? Here, GOP, here’s $20, go and get a clue, will ya?

This is not only a stinging slap to, it is possibly a serious blow to FOX News. Roger Ailes worked for Richard Nixon, and was crushed when Nixon resigned. He made it his life’s work to establish a media outlet that ensured that this kind of disgrace to a GOP politician could never occur again, mainly by creating a permanent underclass of misguided, misinformed sheeple that would poison the public polling well for any future attempt at the impeachment of a Republican President. But FOX screwed up in bothering to hire a couple of people like Shep Smith and Chris Wallace, who liked to think of themselves as “honest brokers,” and weren’t adverse to rocking the Ailes boat from time to time. And the publicly televised hearings on Trump’s impeachment are going to put a serious dent in the integrity and probity of FOX’s honesty,even to regular conservative, but not necessarily Trump supporting viewers.

But most of all, it is a stern warning to all presidential candidates going forward Basically it’s Watch your ass buddy, because we’re watching. And we are Legion. If ever there was an elected official who was perfectly set up to create a permanent thugocracy, it was Trump. He had universal name recognition, a long standing history of bullshit, and a political party completely in both awe and fear of him, and he had his own Roy Cohen at the Justice Department to ensure that he was untouchable. And yet, with all of the advantages in politics that he had been born with in real life, just like his real life, he managed to fuck everything up. Politicians almost all have voracious egos, r they wouldn’t be narcissistic enough to constantly draw attention to themselves, and Trump is the poster child. But narcissists thrive on adoration and approval, and whether the Senate convicts or not, he is already the most ridiculed and reviled man alive. But only Trump is literally and medically delusional to convince himself that all is well. To any other politician, such a reputation would be a literal death sentence to the ego. So, let this be a warning to you all.

I believe it was the iconic boxer Joe Louis who once said, “Sometimes. winning a championship just means getting up one more time than the other guy” Well, Democracy has been up and down like an elevator in this bout, and even if the Senate acquits Trump, and there is no knockout, Democracy has won a unanimous decision. She may still be the reigning champion, but it’s the rest of us who have to head back to the gym and start skipping some serious rope. Because  Because this one was far too cloe for comfort.

To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange  are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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I’m sorry, Murph, but we’re not out of the woods yet, and shouldn’t pretend that we are. McConnell might atill refuse to take it to a vote. And then Putin could still help Trump win illegally again. Have you yet watched “Active Measures?” If not, I suggest borrowing the DVD from your library. Our county did not have it, but luckily my library card works in an adjacent county which did have it. Everyone in the country needs to watch it.


Thank you Mr. Murphy. One of the first things that needs to happen is Congress needs to take back their control over War/Security and Tariffs. Don’t know why they ever gave the President such latitude in regards to Tariffs. The power they gave the President over War is a result of the atom bomb. The law should address that one issue and restrict all other war/security powers. Remember his whole Muslim ban was based on some latitude given him concerning security.

We didn’t dodge that bullet yet, Murf. It’s not only flying through the air, it’s still coming right at us. We’ve begun to get out of its way but that’s all. W had a better chance of the thugocracy you were talking about, his admin being staffed by COMPETENT would-be fascists. And if that bunch couldn’t pull it off, I always knew Trump and Co couldn’t either. The only open question was the damage left behind, i.e. the previous bullets we DIDN’T dodge. Jason had the right idea about the situation in this respect–a sentiment oddly enough echoed by Pelosi–what’s… Read more »
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Lone Wolf

flush, wipe, repeat.

p j evans

Possibly from the same people who sent me an e-mail “servey” claiming to be from a pharmacy I visit maybe once in three years (and which doesn’t have my phone or e-mail).


Is there some allegory in there that I missed?

Mina Kirby



Another fun fact-filled piece! Thanks for a spot on reminder of what a dirtbag Ailes was. Who says Pure Evil doesn’t live in this world?