Your Weekend Pick Six, Impeachment Edition


Well, after such a slow news week, it is great to peer ahead to the weekend, one we hope will be more lively and stimulating.

Catches breath.

What Would Jason Pick to Click: In honor of impeachment week, we’re going back to the last impeachment period, music from the late 90s. Coincidently, also the decade with the greatest music. Smashing Pumpkins, “1979”

Impeachment Week Best Football Game: (Best game of the week is actually our local HS football game to which I am taking my 12 year old daughter tonight, it is her birthday, and it is our “Daddy-Daughter Date”)

Real Best game:

University of Southern California versus University of Washington

TV: Fox, 5:30 p.m. EDT

Tweet of the Week: And the Coolest Thing on the Internet:


If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it. 4:03 PM · May 3, 2016

Lindsey Graham

Runner-Up Tweet or Song of the Week. Greta’s Death Glare, I am not sure what will live longer through history, Greta’s Death Glare or impeachment

YOUR WEEKLY “REAL” President, President Bartlett Demonstrates how REAL presidents handle murderous dictators:


We appreciate all of you, your comments have been informative and spot on all week. We have had more comments this week than in our history, and the best ones. Building a family here.

Speaking of family, as I said, it is my precious – only child – daughter’s birthday, I would LOVE to show her happy birthday wishes for Chloe in the comments from all of you. Drop her a message, you get ten internet points!


Peace, y’all

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p j evans

Hoppy birdie two ewes!


Happy Birthday Chloe, may you have a hundred more. Remember you’ve got the best Dad in the world. 🙂


Happy birthday to Chloe! (A day late)

Mina Kirby

Happy Day-After-Your-Birthday, Chloe…and thanks, Chloe’s dad, for all your informed and well-stated writing!