BREAKING: There’s Your “Smoking Gun.”


All of the pieces are now firmly in place. The Washington Post is now reporting that three administration sources have told them that President Donald Trump told acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to hold up the $450 in military aid to Ukraine six days before his now hotly discussed telephone call with the Ukraine’s new President.

If this reporting is true, it answers the question of why Trump has been teasing the possibility of the release of the transcript of his telephone call with the Ukrainian President. Congressional committees have wanted to peruse the transcript to see if there was any hint of a quid pro quo of US military aid in return for the government of the Ukraine investigating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son.

If this reporting is true, then the transcript of the phone call is no no longer necessary. Simply because Trump didn’t need to either directly demand, not even hint at Ukraine submission to Trump’s demands in order to free up the aid. Because the Ukraine already knew that those funds had been appropriated and approved by the US congress. The mere knowledge by the Ukraine that the funds were being held up by the Trump White House made the quid pro quo crystal clear from the time that Trump picked up the phone. He didn’t to make any demands or suggestions in the body of the call the implication was clear.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a members only leadership meeting for tomorrow, and I find it highly likely that this bombshell will be the #1 topic of discussion. The meeting had already been scheduled before this reporting broke, but taken in conjunction with the fact that 7 freshman House members with intelligence and national security experience penned an op-ed stating that this latest Trump kerfuffle had crossed every national security line in existence, I think that the battle lines have now been drawn.

I cannot express in strong enough terms how important that this op-ed is. Pelosi has spent months trying to shield freshman members from “red” districts from a vote that could endanger their reelection chances. But now that 7 of their fellow freshman, with national security experience, and including Abigail Spanberger from a “red” district, have stepped forward to put their seats on the line to do what is right, how do these other members continue to let their electoral prospects color their judgement as to what is the right coure of action.

If all goes well, things could move quickly form here. The need for exhaustive investigation should be mitigated by the fact that so much of the information is already public knowledge, especially the parts that Trump has already confirmed so much of the scheme from his own big, fat New York mouth.

Strap up your boots, because it’s starting to look like the long awaited impeachment of The Orange Julius may finally be nigh. And with so many retiring GOP House members free to vote their conscience, it may be a truly bipartisan articles of impeachment that are sent up to Moscow Mitch for final dispensation. Don’t touch that dial.

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Jason Miciak

We may not need a drawn out investigation, but I want one anyway. I don’t want a vote in the Senate until all his shit is out. I want this entire scandal laid before the country, I want his taxes, and I want his Deutsche bank records, I want all three, and all three analyzed and investigated by congress before I want a senate vote. I want all his garbage spilled out before everyone.

So, start the impeachment investigation/process today, and then move toward getting all those documents as we move along.

p j evans

The phone transcripts aren’t what they need to give Congress. What Congress is asking for is the actual original complaint, not something edited by the WH.