Trump Heated, Saturday Night Tweet-Storm: “Spying on Our Own President”


Look out, “he” is on another tweet storm.

Thankfully, this one constitutes hard evidence that Trump is feeling the heat, bigly. He must be worried that soliciting a bribe from a foreign country to meddle in the U.S. election is a crime or something. He went “third person,” where he goes when most maligned by truth. I guess he believes his victimhood rings clearer?

Not done:

Yes, I know he is “officially” quoting someone else, and yet you know as well as I do that he’s actually not. Those words are his, just “adopted.”

But, this is how he does it. It is all now – according to Don – about the process itself, how his actions got to be discovered, not about his actions or what was said.

In the “FISA issue,” he wanted to investigate the investigators, and make an enemy out of Jim Comey. He now doesn’t want to talk about his actual bribery of the Ukraine, he wants to discuss why it is that someone was “spying” on him, and make that “spy” the enemy of the United States. It is all a plot against him, it always is, according to First-Victim.

This is why we have whistleblower statutes. Because sometimes someone sees things, and doesn’t want to explain how or why they know of the issue, nor do they want to face the wrath of a superior, caught in a crime.

But, more importantly, we know that Trump is deeply worried. He has lost the discipline needed to stay quiet about what the actual scandal might entail, and has now legitimized the Washington Post story. He is, in effect, admitting that he solicited a bribe from Ukraine. This is the “so what?” phase, with the victimhood built-in.

Last, and perhaps I am the only lawyer on earth who sees it this way since I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, but I think he just “waived” his right to “executive privilege” by discussing the contents of the whistleblower claim, and referring it to a Fox News Media analyst. Remember, all privileges can be waived, and once they’re waived, they do not come back. He cannot – in my mind – pick and choose which aspects of the whistleblower complaint he discusses. He is supposed to have some level of discipline.

Ha, I know. “Discipline.”

We will see. One thing that ought to put a small smile on your face and you consider your Saturday evening, Trump is one scared man. It would seem that his fear is sincere, which is ironic, since …

Never mind. Happy Saturday night.

UPDATE TIME MORE TWEETS: Rollin’ rollin rollin, keep that tweet-fest rollin, rawhide!


They’re CRAZY I tell ya’. HE is fine. Ask him. THEY are crazy!

Sigh. I need to rest. Mae is right.


Peace, y’all


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p j evans

If he wasn’t asking other countries to mess with OUR ELECTIONS, along with breaking laws left and right (but especially left), OUR IC wouldn’t be keeping an eye on him.
He needs to be behind bars. Or in a nice suite of padded rooms with doors locked from the outside, and a phone that’s incoming-only from approved callers.


This is how the king of stupid rolls. Thanks for your hard work jason.


Indeed. The Emperor of Idiocy.




However scared any of us may be about what he’s going to do from here, I’m certain that it’s nothing compared to the fear pulsing through his cholesterol-clogged veins right now. Someone only talks like this when they are deeply terrified.


Gibbering in the third person.

This isn’t going to end the way you think it is. It’s already unraveling. It’s being reported by CNN and others that the “whistleblower” didn’t have direct knowledge of the call or the transcripts and therefore, doesn’t fall under the whistleblower protection statutes. In effect, this person heard third hand gossip that wasn’t even work related. The genesis of the story is Hunter Biden’s corruption and Joe’s attempt to cover it up. The New Yorker published a story about it way back in July entitled, “Will Hunter Biden Jeopardize His Father’s Campaign?” Joe bragged about withholding a billion dollars in… Read more »
dana fairfield
I do not agree with people down-rating you because they do not like what you are saying. That said, you need to provide links to all your assertions. Then we can discuss. To start, if the whistleblower’s information was actually dismissable as third-hand gossip, the IG would never have deemed it credible and urgent. Also, if the whistleblower’s allegations are false, Trump’s appointed DNI could give it to Congress as required, and a Republican could leak it to the press and own the libs but good. Pelosi may actually agree with you that impeachment, though not nonsense, is not the… Read more »
Guest “A source told CNN that the official ‘did not have direct knowledge of the communications’ instead relying on ‘learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work’.” POLITICO LIVE “The figure does not indicate how many of the stays have occurred since Trump became president. But the Air Force has significantly ramped up its overnight stops in Scotland under Trump after signing a contract with the Prestwick Airport — situated 20-plus miles from Turnberry — in the waning months of the Obama administration. Since 2015, the service has lodged crews in the area 659 times,… Read more »
dana fairfield
Don’t worry too much about being in “hostile” territory. People will listen if you bring facts within their context. Me: I have been banned from both Redstate and Daily Kos, so there’s that. I guess I will go backwards. I remember all the GOP politician who wanted to see Hillary in jail, and I remember 30 years of intense effort to accomplish that goal. I also remember that Hillary testified when called upon and did not pull any of the stunts that Trump associates have pulled even though they are under oath. If they could have indicted Hillary they would… Read more »
Ursula Faw

How in the world did you get banned from Daily Kos? You’re so smart and informed. What did you do?

Markm Mitchell

Impeach Trump Now, Speaker Pelosi.