The Moment: “Have You No Sense of Decency, at Long Last?”


Many of us have spent over three years waiting for “The Moment,” the point in time when even the most hardened Trump enablers have a brief coupling with clarity, when the nation determines it is long past time to turn away from the abusive dry-drunk in the White House.

You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

Joseph Welch.

We have waited, and waited, and the moment has yet to come. Nothing seems to crack Donald Trump, who, ironically, learned his lessons early from the very lawyer who sat to Joe McCarthy’s right at the penultimate hearing, Roy Cohn.

We have waited, because Donald Trump appears to be one of the rarest of breeds, someone born with such malignant narcissism, a toxic mix of self-adulation, gluttony, and recklessness, such that he truly doesn’t have, never did, any “sense of decency,” and won’t for as long as he lasts. So, as to the question, posed over and over regarding whether he will ever acknowledge a sense of decency, we have met one and only one proud answer; “No.”

No one need ask it anymore.

No one need ask it of Donald Trump anymore, it is time to start asking his Republican aiders and abettors, those people who espouse themselves to be more capable, more humble, better educated, and more caring. Do you, Republicans, have any decency? At long last have you no sense of decency?

It appears there is a document that outlines how Donald Trump used funds out of our public treasury to solicit a bribe. Unless Ukraine agreed to investigate Trump’s political enemy, Trump promised he would withhold $250 million, our money, already publicly dedicated to our cause (through Congress), the defense of Ukraine. Trump himself now holds that document, which, if we’re to take him literally, has been passed to “everybody” at the White House. And Trump says we cannot have that document, it is his “privilege” to keep it secure from public scrutiny.

Unless Republicans agree it is wrong for a president to use public money to entice foreign countries into prosecuting a political rival, it is unlikely that anything will happen, perhaps ever. It would have seemed to me that one thing all Americans could agree upon is that it is abusive to use power to one’s personal needs, and not the needs of the nation. And yet, it appears that we cannot.

Because one would think that Republicans in congress would be standing alongside Democrats, demanding to see the whistleblower report, lest it be true. (And we’re assured by Trump himself that it is “perfect.”) One would think that Republicans would note that the country must, always, come first. One would think. At its most craven level, one would think that even the Republican party itself, as an entity, would agree that it is bigger than the needs of one man. One would think.

These presumptions seem so simple, so straightforward, so “obvious,” precisely because it is simple, it is straightforward, it is, “obvious.”

So the question to Republicans becomes; “Do you have no sense of decency, Republicans, at long last? Do you have no sense of decency?”

History has its eyes on you, all of you.


Peace, y’all

Jason, and Twitter, @MiciakZoom


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Cherl Harrell

If only the press would take this up and run with it. If only the American people would care enough to pursue this and other issues.

Gerald Boyette

Don’t blame the press for something our “leaders” should be doing.

OK, this SHOULD be the LAST drop into that long slide to hell that the GOP is leaning against …. True, that they, (the rotten GOP), has done SO MUCH damage already, just follow the stinking money filtered through those stinking fingers under MosCow Mitch’s arse …. the OBVIOUS false naked King in all this has gone even over the Hoover damn of reality …. The GOP has no elbow room left, a CLEAR and positive danger to the Nation just reared it’s ugly comb-over head for EVERYONE in the World to see … the prompt and REAL censure of… Read more »
Mike Paris
With all due respect, I think that you are asking the wrong question to the wrong people. The question I ask is directed to the Democratic leadership. It is, “Do you not know how to stop a bully? Here is a hint to the answer. You do not stop a bully by wasting time analyzing and considering every possible course of action and its consequences. You act decisively and quickly. Bullies only stop when they feel the pain. A couple of solid punches to the gut should get their attention. Get your Army of staff attorneys to bring the pain… Read more »
p j evans

Have you been writing your congresscritter? How about writing to Pelosi-as-Speaker?


No, McConnell Republicans, Trump Republicans, Putin Republicans, have no sense of shame, no sense of decency, no honor, no honesty, no integrity. And their voters just want “liberals heads to explode” no matter the cost!

But this has been true of Republicans for a very very long time. McConnell laid the groundwork with his shredding of, and ignoring of, the US Constitution, all rules, all laws, all “norms”, in his rush to total power in a totalitarian aristocracy presumably run by him… and maybe the Chinese… or Russians? It has been rushing downhill for years!


Remember when an accusation that a President had lied about a consensual sexual encounter was grounds for impeachment?

What has changed?

Mary Ellen

You seem to be as utterly frustrated as I am. It’s so hard to believe that people and the Republicans especially can be so loyal to someone with no decency.

Peter Van Keuren
“You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” I’ve known about trump since I was 25 and he was 22. His dad was every bit the shyster that the donald is. donald trump HAS no decency, so stop looking for it, it does not exist. There is only one person that trump cares about, and that person is himself. He would sell his children and his wife if he thought he could gain something for himself by doing it. He has poisoned the Supreme Court with the assistance… Read more »
Gerald Boyette
I don’t think this case will impress them if it’s only what we’ve read so far. And they are more afraid the voters will remove them than they are upset with Trump after what they feel is decades of outrage against Democrats. Remember Hillary’s “Deplorables” comment? That even pissed me off a lot. I think we need a party leadership that will go after the republicans instead of Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi. et al. Nadler could have changed the 5 minute rule and the Dems could have been prepared. Also, stop the comments such as “Walls don’t work” and… Read more »
Lone Wolf

It’s spelled “pussies” You don’t negotiate with bullies, you stand up to them and make them stand down, growing up a skinny white boy my daddy always told me, boy you’re going to get you’re ass kicked so don’t puss out, hit em with a stick, a rock, kick em in the nuts, whatever, make them earn it. Trump has earned nothing, and no one is standing up to him.

Gerald Boyette

Couldn’t agree more. The sentence was intended to be sarcasm to all the politically correct people who get upset over insignificant thoughts or actions. I have written the DNC about their spineless behavior such as letting Muller dictate how he would testify. Contempt of Congress I’d say. There are just too many examples to list such as failure to go to court the instance an outrage occurs such as the whistleblower case.
This case is such an outrage that we’re gonna have hearings in about a week or so. Bullshit.

Markm Mitchell

America needs a new education system.