For Democrats, there are no more excuses on impeachment.


I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque   Bugs Bunny

Well shit, the yarn is unraveling from the Trump-Ukraine sweater so quickly now that over the weekend, even the black sheep will be lining up outside the White House gates, asking for their wool back. But it sure does make the House Democrats job a hell of a lot easier.

There are no longer any excuses for the Democrats in the House to delay one minute more in beginning their deliberations in the House Judiciary committee on filing charges of impeachment for consideration and a floor vote in the full House. Not when the two principles are falling all over themselves to confess to the crimes. Now, y’all know that I’m not a lawyer, but you don’t need a bunch of letters after your name and a $140,000 piece of paper on the wall, just common sense. Let’s just look at what articles of impeachment, and in some cases criminal charges could br brought tomorrow just with what’s already publicly available knowledge.

Article One – Abuse of power Since the whistle blower complaint has surfaced, it has been reported and confirmed that not only did Trump have the DOJ, in the person of Tubby the Ewok, interject itself into a situation in which it had no legal or constitutional dog in the fight, but the White House itself has weighed in on how this complaint, lodged against the President himself, should be handled. This is a clear cut abuse of power, and happily enough,the same article of impeachment could be lodged against Bill Barr as well.

Article Two – Obstruction of Justice In ordering the acting Director of National Intelligence to refuse to hand over the whistle blowers’s complaint to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, as mandated by federal law, both Trump and Barr are actively obstructing the committees from carrying out their constitutional mandate and obligation to investigate and provide oversight. Again, this article of impeachment could be just as easily applied to William Barr.

Article Three – Criminal Conspiracy In order to engage in a criminal conspiracy, there are two elements, two or more conspirators, and an overtly illegal act. Trump and Rudy Fhouliani discussed, and Trump sent Ghouliani over to Kiev to directly pressure the government of the Ukraine illegally to investigate either Joe or Hunter Biden or both. Trump followed this up by pressuring the President of the Ukraine at least 8 times during a July 25th phone call to investigate the Biden’s, and further instructed the government of the Ukraine to coordinate these efforts with Ghouliani. There are three following possible articles of impeachment, based on the circumstances and evidence.

Article Four – Solicitation of Bribery In demanding that the government of the Ukraine investigate the Biden’s, and turn over any incriminating evidence to him, or actively prosecute either of the Biden’s locally, Trump was directly soliciting a thing of value from the Ukraine. And this was solely a thing of value to Trump, since any information or prosecution served or furthered no national interest of the United States.

Article Five – Solicitation of an illegal campaign contribution Donald Trump is running for reelection in 2020. Any information he received from the Ukraine in response to his request would be considered a “thin g of value” under current federal election law, which prohibits a foreign government from donating such to a US campaign. Trump would not be a first time offender in this category, since a domestic application of the same statute in regards to the hush money payments to Stprmy Daniels and Karen McDougle earned him a spot as Individual One, an unindicted co-conspirator, in the Michael Cohen indictments.

Article Six – Criminal Extortion Criminal extortion in this case can be accomplished in one of two ways. First, a direct quid pro quo. That would basically be Trump telling the Ukrainian president in that July 25th phone call, “Look, you get me the dirt on the Biden’s, and you’ll get your $250 million in military aid.” Especially since that money had already been allotted by congress for the Ukraine, making the receipt of it conditional on Ukraine coming up with the dirt is extortion. New reporting in the Wall Street Journal seems to suggest that Trump made no mention of the military aid, which is fine because

There is also an application for an implied or indirect threat. On July 25th, Trump hectored Ukraine’s new president repeatedly to undertake the investigations of the Biden’s. Then, in the second week of August, it was publicly reported that the Trump administration was now reconsidering whether or not to dispense the congressionally approved funds to the Ukraine. It doesn’t take a ruler and a pencil to draw that straight line.

Article Seven – Abuse of Power The mere use of his authority as the President of the United States to pressure the duly elected President of the Ukraine to do his dirty work for him is in and of itself a flagrant abuse of power, no matter which above result Trump was trying to facilitate.

And look, the best part of this is that there isn’t even any investigation required. Both of the idiot babes in the woods, Trump and Giuliani, have convicted themselves out of their own mouths! Gholiani has not only gleefully admitted his personal pressure on Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s, while he says that he doesn’t know if Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate the Biden’s, if he did, it would be just hunky dory. And Trump has not only even attempted to deny the allegations, he has gone so far as to say that even if he did talk to the president of the Ukraine about investigating the Biden’s, there was nothing wrong with that, it would all just be “oppo research.”

Look, I get it. impeachment on the ground of the Mueller investigation was problematic. Nobody really understands criminal conspiracy when it comes to shit like Facebook ads put up by Russian trolls trying to get Trump elected, and proving “criminal intent” in obstruction is a heavy lift. But this kid of shit is kindergarten corruption, and so easy to prove and explain. After all, who hasn’t, or knows someone who hasn’t had to grease an official palm to get a building permit, or get some other form of standard government service either approved or expedited? And who hasn’t, or knows somebody who has wrapped a $20 around his license to make a speeding ticket go away? This kind of simple shit ensnares aldermen, mayors, state assemblymen, and governors every day, in every state in the country, and when they’re caught and sent up, everybody says “Serves the bastards right!” This is exactly the same thing, but writ large.

So, go ahead Chairman Nadler, take your time. Wait a week for the hearing with the acting DNI. wait and see whether the whistle blowers formal complaint is received. But even if it isn’t it should be childs play to find a way to link and corroborate the information you already have, with or without White House and DOJ obstruction. After all, it’s all already a matter of public record. The House should be voting on articles of impeachment by no later than Halloween. Make like Larry the Cable Guy, and Git ‘er Done!

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Denis Elliott
Since he’s up to his eyeballs in all this Barr should be called as a witness. In an impeachment trial in the Senate the House can name it’s “Managers” who will act as prosecutors and they have more than one former prosecutor who is good at dealing with witnesses on the Hill. Adam Schiff for one, and there are others. Freed of the stupid ass five minute rule and able to ask a series of questions like the dude did the other day with Lewendowski Barr would be in a world of shit – I’m told lawyers make lousy witnesses… Read more »
Markm Mitchell

It is past time to Impeach Trump, et al, and Jail, Speaker Pelosi.


It’s pass time to Impeach this crook !

dana fairfield

If it is true that Pelosi’s actual goal is prison for Trump because even a successful vote in the House leaves Trump in office, she would have to be careful that her own words and actions do not create some sort of technicality that might allow Trump to avoid the Club Med.