Confirmed: Saudi Attack Originated in Iran


We no longer have to worry that the Trump administration is hiding the ball or manipulating facts. From NBC news:

A congressional source says Democrats familiar with the details do not dispute that the attack was carried out by Iran — an important signal of bipartisan agreement amid great uncertainty about claims made by the Trump administration.

“This attack had a level of sophistication we have not seen before,” the congressional source said. “You will not see Democrats pushing back on the idea that Iran was behind it.”

Three U.S. officials said there was extremely compelling evidence showing the origination point of the strikes, and one official with direct knowledge described that evidence as imagery.

It is sad that I need Democrats to affirm anything coming out of the White House. But, I do. So, now we know we haven’t been played, on this attack, at least.

Why Iran would invite a war it cannot possibly win – both a superpower and Saudi Arabia attacking them – makes no sense to me at all.

The only thing that I can come up with is that Iran believes that Trump doesn’t have the strength, or the option, to actually do it. It is possible that they believe Putin will make it known that he will not tolerate a U.S. backed war on Iran. That, is something to consider, it’s the only thing in which the Iranians have the upper hand.

Alongside Russia’s hold on Trump, Iran might think that without the U.S., Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be willing to engage full war. Iran might figure that Saudi will fire off a retribution attack, but not commit itself to something they aren’t willing to absorb. That’s about all I come up with. It is a dangerous gamble on Iran’s part, because they have to know that the Kingdom has near as big a grip on Trump as Russia.

Trump is in a spot, no question. He may be bluffing with his “locked and loaded” comment, in “waiting for Saudi Arabia’s direction” on it. And, by the way, stating that he is awaiting the Saudi Arabians thoughts on the matter, Trump might be hedging a bit with respect to Russia, and the American people. He is that desperate. It may be subconscious.

I am certainly not advocating that Trump should have “the stones” to pull the trigger. I just think that’s the bet. I firmly believe that we have no role in another war in the Middle East, especially protecting Saudi Arabia. But, it appears that most of the people around Trump believe we should engage, again.

This is close to “worst case scenario,” whereby Trump takes the country to war. It is even worse when it’s the year prior to the election, where he may be “desperate.”

It doesn’t look like Trump thinks he needs to go to Congress for authorization. Sad.




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Lil Blue Sock

I can only assume that American intelligence is now as compromised as NOAA and their scolding of NWS scientists for doing their jobs and correcting Dumb Quixote for his insanity…..look at the DOJ…..everything has been compromised and if these assclowns said the Sun is bright I’d have to glance up……

…..but thank Jah that nut Bolton is out of the picture.



I do feel a bit better with John “Got Milk?” Bolton gone.
If he was still in the picture, troops would have already been deployed.


A war with Iran would be so devastating and he’s be so incompetent to manage and message it, that it would cost him the election instantly.

Amanda R.

Sure, and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

One important point we should not miss is that Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan. If the US commits to a war with Iran we won’t see just one or two thousand American military lost, we’ll see tens of thousands lost. The Iranians have had decades to observe US military forces and develop counter measures. I think they’d loose a protracted war, but it would cost the US much more dearly than either Iraq or Afghanistan. Also, Iran may have 5th columns here in the US that could inflict serious damage in major cities. We should be extremely cautious about… Read more »
p j evans

I think it’s doubtful. That refinery had surprising little damage, for some that got multiple missile hits. Also, when did Iran move to southwest of KSA?


Exactly. And where are the radar tracks?

Basil Yacoub
“A congressional source says Democrats familiar with the details do not dispute that the attack was carried out by Iran” What a sad farcical conclusion. Why accuse Iran without evidence? Zionist USA strong Lobby has never stopped trying to drag the US to wage war on Iran. If that happen, there will be thousands of dead bags getting transported to their families in the US. Neither the US, Israel or Saudi Arabia or even combined can win a war against Iran. In the event that a war was waged on Iran, then that will inflect on the backward Saudi regime… Read more »

Radar tracks or this didn’t happen…