Everything Wrong with this Country in One Tweet



I am not even talking about Trump’s tweet. That’s what he does. It is the second one, that is the one killing us, and the pace is quickening.

There is NO question we see tons of shit thrown by liberals, too. We can be “elitists” and we can be snobs, we can be hateful towards Trump, and lump-in all his followers in to an equal degree. Me, too. Guilty of that.

What I haven’t seen once is a straight declaration of Conservatives as our “enemy” or an enemy of the United States. Not once.

I have tried to make a point of infuriating conservatives on Twitter, by noting “I disagree, but don’t hate you. I don’t have time to hate, and I don’t hate fellow Americans.” If you want to shut down a tweet storm fast, throw that at them. They never reply. Never.

The tweet above is simply random, I’ve seen dozens, hundreds perhaps, just over the last week. The word “enemy” is the one that ought to send fear up and down your spine. Yes, Trump used it first, and that, too, is telling.

“Enemies” imply a duty to ignore the law – temporarily, since all dictatorships are “temporary” until a problem passes over, which it never does – an “enemy” is someone you have duty to “fight” violently, if needed. I saw it used today in a tweet, praising Trump for fighting all his enemies, “foreign and domestic.”

That’s funny, because I haven’t seen Trump fight a foreign enemy, have you? Oh, he’s imposed “tariffs” on China, and he takes money from Iran. But fight? That seems to be reserved for his enemies here. Has he once called out a foreign leader with the same palpable, dripping, hatred he has for certain Democrats, or the press, or ANYONE who dares to call him something unflattering?

I don’t think so. I think he – and the hard Republican right – now hate us more than any foreign entity, with the possible exception of violent Islamic extremists, and even they got invited to Camp David, until they weren’t. Which is probably more telling.

This will destroy the country. I call it the “Cold Civil War.”

There will not be some modern-day “Gettysburg.” General Mattis isn’t going to call upon his “loyal Marines” to take back “the military” from a criminal president. No one is going to make real war against a government owning hundreds of satellites, guiding thousands of drones, the type that can send a missile through the window of your garage. “Real War” is becoming something that rich nations do to countries that – for all intents and purposes – can’t fight back. Real war is too dangerous in rich countries. It’s the MADEWON doctrine now, “Mutual Assured Destruction Even Without Nukes.”

So “war” of the shooting kind isn’t going to happen. No Hot Civil War.

But the Cold Civil War will look like war in every other way. We’ll cease to function like a first world nation. Nothing will get built, kept up, all that. We’ll hate each other right down to third world status. Got the government to prove it, too. Violence in the streets, mass poverty, pollution, and rich enclaves walled-off from the “hordes,” with armed soldiers guarding the gates. Our destiny, the type of thing you can find now in plenty of Latin American states, some in the Far East and Africa, we are headed that direction. They “hate” each other, too.

I guess all that I am saying is that when we “fight” for democracy, “fight” for the planet, “fight” racism, “fight” for the poor, and health care, and all that, let’s remember that the “fight” can – if it goes to far – destroy the exact thing we’re fighting for. Because none of that is happening without democracy, and if democracy doesn’t survive, the planet won’t be saved, the poor won’t be assisted, it will only get worse.

It is a fact, two democracies have never warred upon each other. It just doesn’t happen. A cold civil war wouldn’t happen in a functioning democracy. But we’re ceasing to function as a democracy. Fellow citizens regard others as the enemy, and so to them it is “war.”

Let’s watch our wording and our actions. I will go first.

In the end, this shouldn’t be that hard, for anyone. Jesus said – above all else – love one another. And the fact that they hate me doesn’t mean I have to hate them back. That Jesus guy led by example, and I suspect that’s the best way to “fight” this.


Peace, y’all


jmiciak@yahoo.com, and on Twitter – where you’ll see me driving them crazy, @MiciakZoom

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That is such a disturbing tweet. I feel like I get it double, hated for being a Democrat, and hated for being a woman. We are hurtling towards oblivion.

p j evans

I don’t know if Himself takes money from Iran, but he certainly takes money – and maybe also orders – from KSA, which is an enemy of Iran and also of democracy in the Middle East and everywhere there are Muslims.

For myself, Jason, I have ALWAYS hated the ones who now call us enemies. Maybe it’s because I saw them coming and understood what they were after over twenty years ago. Maybe it’s because there was never an odd thing about me they didn’t want to change through peer pressure or worse. Maybe it’s because they turned their backs on me and/or my family when we needed help the most, making a mockery out of every stated principle they ever claimed to have. But…at this point, does it matter? The bottom line remains. For all they have done, for all… Read more »

They’ve been the enemy since the Civil War. That’s how they see us. They lost.

The South will rise again.

Where have you been. They have seen us as the enemy for centuries. Maybe now we treat them as they wish to be treated.

C’mon Jason. Get your goggles on and google “conservatives are the enemy”. There are pages and pages of similar tweets and stories about conservatives being the enemy. Conservatives are accused every minute, as a group, of being racist, homophobic, want to kill your grandmother, run Nazi concentration camps, etc. “But CD, that’s just run of the mill citizens.” Hillary Clinton during a Presidential debate was asked who her enemies were. During last night’s big debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked the candidates, “Which enemy that you made during your political career are you most proud of?” Hillary answered, “Well, in addition… Read more »

Excellent words to use as we try to go forward TOGETHER.