Propaganda is as propaganda does, and that lady in pink in North Korea is a stone cold amateur compared to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. She better understudy him. This has to be seen to be believed.

Now play the gif at the bottom here and see if you can discern the salient differences between that message and Lou Dobbs’ pitch. I cannot.

They’re walking on sunshine over there in North Korea, too. Ain’t it grand?

What, you’ve heard that there is chaos and backstabbing in the Trump White House? Really? You just have to get your head right, and then you’ll realize how wonderful Washington is these days.

The light’s just fine in the White House. Trump controls the weather and the sunshine. Trump controls the horizontal. He controls the vertical. He’ll control the stock market if you”ll give him just a minute to make up a lie about China.

It’s all rainbows and star shine at the White House. Mike Pence, excuse me Pounce, is riding a unicorn — naked. And as for Fox News? It’s going to change it’s name to Trump Daily Devotional any minute now. Prayer pillows, beads, and communion goblets for the kool-aid will be available for sale on the Trump/Pence and GOP websites. Washington is the new Jonestown.

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Bwhaaahaaa! What the f is he going on about?🤣🤣OMG! Mr smarmy strikes again.

p j evans

Apparently Himself never sees the videos of himself on Faux, because he’s as orange in natural daylight as he is under artificial light.