Trump Proves Himself World’s Worst Dad, Stunning


I cannot let this go, I saw it yesterday, and I had too much else going on. Fortunately, others saw it, too, and it is as ridiculous, and callous as one would come to expect.

This is going to be quick, to keep our stomachs down.

In a discussion involving the dangers of vaping, especially to young kids, middle and high school, Trump referenced why “the First Lady” cared so much about the issue. Trump said:

” She’s got a son together that is a—a beautiful young man. And she feels very, very strongly about it.”

Yes, the word “together” is in there, in a disjointed way, but the words “we,” “our” and “mine” are most certainly NOT.

I tried to imagine a situation in which I sat with my wife, discussing with others something concerning children and stating “She has a daughter …” I came up with nothing. Perhaps it is because “we” have a daughter, and “our” daughter is “our” greatest joy.

As Trevor Noah pointed out, even Darth Vader claimed his son, and cared deeply about the father-son bond they made a movie about it.

This president is our worst and most dangerous in many generations. But, even I have to admit, at times, the obliviousness and self-obsession prove to be entertaining. Not worth the price, but entertaining nonetheless.


Peace, y’all

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Lone Wolf

Who is his REAL father? LOL

Ursula Faw

You know, in any other discussion, that might be a tacky observation. But in dealing with Trumpworld, no observation is any tackier than the comments they themselves make.

p j evans

I’d say one sure sign that Himself is the father is that the child (of whatever age) is a dim bulb.


That is an unfair assessment of a child you have never met.

Lone Wolf

I know…but given who and what this man is, I mean, you know Mr. grab em by the pussy man, paying 6 figures or more to hookers, porn stars, playboy hussies, etc.

Carol O

I’ve always wondered that about DJTJ. He looks nothing like any of the rest of the family. Where did he come from? And would they please take him back???

Denis Elliott
The son, like the wife is nothing more than a trophy. There’s a long and ugly history of rich moguls having trophy wives and divorcing them & children from the transactional marriage for a newer & younger model. Sometimes literally a model btw. For the guy, especially as he gets older the trophy wife is important but so is having at least one kid – (I’m about to get crude) as proof that he got to fuck the trophy wife. That’s all Barron is to Donald Trump (Tiffany too) – proof that his dad fucked the “beautiful” trophy wife. The… Read more »

Narcissistic parent. Had one. Don’t expect “normal” parenting from 45.

John Sheehan

It is typical of malignant narcissists that they lack all or nearly all empathy and the Tangerine Terdbucket certainly has none. I feel so badly for Barron. He’s obviously in need of loving parenting, and he sure as shite isn’t getting that from papa…

old grey dude

I hope Melania is doing at least some parenting. She did bring her parents over. Maybe that will help. Whatever was happening in the world I knew Amy Carter got good parenting. Chelsea Clinton, the Obama daughters and even the Bush girls got strong parenting. I am a little glad that Baron has been more out of the public eye than have some of the others like Chelsea and Sasha and Malia. The kids really do not deserve to be put through any of this.