I have long predicted that a black comedy, probably more than one, will be written on the Trump years when once we know how the story ends, and the scenarists can get right on it. John Bolton became the most recent traveler through the revolving door of the West Wing, Wednesday, and it’s been learned that the most probable reason was not discord over Iran, North Korea, or any other foreign policy matter — but rather, Bolton leaking the news of Trump’s idiocy about nuking hurricanes??? CBS News:

…three sources directly involved tell CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett that the main irritant that drove Mr. Trump to distraction was his belief that Bolton or those close to Bolton leaked a story about Mr. Trump asking about whether nuclear weapons could be used to abate hurricanes. […]

A source familiar with the situation also told CBS News that the drumbeat for Bolton’s removal grew louder over the past month. According to this source, senior staff at the White House were saying in the last two weeks that Bolton was on “thin ice” and would be “the next one removed.” […]

The source defended Bolton’s service in the Trump administration, asserting that in the last 17 months — the duration of his tenure — there have been “no bad deals,” telling Brennan that Bolton weighed in significantly on Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Syria and Turkey.

Bolton was often at loggerheads with Pompeo, most recently over U.S. negotiations with the Taliban to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. The two disagreed over whether a reduction of U.S. troops could happen with or without a negotiated deal. Bolton opposed negotiating with the Taliban.

For the moment, we have Charles Kupperman as acting National Security Adviser, the fifth person to hold the job in less than three years. Rex Tillerson called the shot correctly when he said that Trump was “a f**king moron.” Evidently, John Bolton arrived at the same conclusion, just a trifle bit later.

They must be belly laughing in Beijing, cracking up in the Kremlin, and Kim Jong Un is probably crying into his kimchi, he’s laughing so hard. We were already a joke on the world stage and this episode only solidifies it. Remember the masks of tragedy and comedy that are the icon of the theater? There should be a third mask, that of Trump, the reality TV actor who combines both in a manner never before dreamed of, and hopefully, never again seen — at least not in American politics.

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rory darjiit

I simply cannot stand that unqualified, irrational, childish, ill-tempered blowhard – he has no business being within 2 miles of the Oval Office and puts us all at risk of widespread war and destruction.

Oh…this is a story about Donald Trump and John Bolton. I think I’m going to need to be more specific than that for clarity.


trump is such an embarrassment to our country..