On 9-11, the “President” Tweets About His Greatness, Polls, Media


Have we become so numbed that this goes without surprise, never mind outrage? On the calendar day that we remember others’ sacrifices, and within an hour of laying a wreath at the Pentagon, the president issued the following tweet:

Let’s break down the multiple layers of repulsive and self-righteous shit layered just within this one statement.

Victimhood: “Never ending fake news.” Not a single negative thing written is ever true, nor ever his fault. It is all fake.

Greatness: He has done more than any president, ever.

Embarrassing Stupidity: In stating he has done more than any president anywhere, he is setting himself above Washington, who risked his life and freedom in the revolutionary war, then established that the president would be a citizen, subject to the laws, one who returns to life as a private citizen.

Trump is setting himself above Madison and Jefferson, who did the heavy lifting in writing a constitution that is the closest humanity has come to an “ideal” form of government.

He is setting himself above Lincoln, who risked half the union, and gave his life, to free people “owned” by other people, and save the nation.

He is setting himself above Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who fought for regular citizens during the worst depression since the Dark Ages, then went to war for the world, fearing only fear itself.

He is setting himself above Reagan and Bush who oversaw the end of the Cold War.

And he is setting himself above Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, who reversed the Great Recession, lead the effort to get healthcare for millions, and cut down Bin Laden.

Trump has exceeded ALL of them. Stupid, but normal.

Rejection of Reality: “I would be leading by 20 points …” despite the fact that even in Fox’s own polls, Trump has never once been above 50% approval, not once, and is now exploring the bottom of his base.

Outrageous Narcissism: All the above came out on a day that an American president should not Tweet at all, but for one lone picture of the Twin Towers, Pentagon, with a “never forget” message. The “president” should be visiting first responders and listening to their concerns.

This is “our” president, today, as if it were just any other day, the outrage never ends.


Peace, y’all


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Not him or his sons Ever fault for our country. You worthless pos

This will make sense at the end. Parents moved up to uncle molesters (UM) retirement community (parents knew U molested me.) Socialize with him for seven years. He became dad’s card and golf buddy – weekly. Longer story shortened: Dad dies, narcissistic mother (NM) moves back to my city. I ask her if she was ever uncomfortable being around UM. Yeah they were but she said, “we only thought it was touchy feely.” “You never told us the details.” My fault they socialized with him because I wasn’t important enough to them. Reason I’m sharing. 45 will never, ever take… Read more »

I just can’t believe he is tweeting this shit today of all days. Not one ounce of humility or respect for all of the people who lost their lives on this day eighteen years ago.


To answer your opening question, Jason, I had my shock threshold exceeded sometime two years ago. I know this man’s schtick by heart. I know he is doing and will continue to do terrible things. Because of that, I am completely surprised at any new “outrage” he throws up. Nor do I see anything gained by feeding him said outrage, which he gets off on.

p j evans

The media is fake when it tells the truth about polls and ratings – that’s how he judges everything, is by those numbers. Not living in the real world, but in reality-TV land, where no one ever told him he’s a loser.

Carroll Ann Robinson

Well Jason this was so succinctly well put that it was breathtaking. Few words, well placed and aimed.
I hadn’t seen any news today–lots of deadlines precluded it, but now I’m glad I didn’t. This would have stopped me in my tracks. Or coffee would have come out my nose. I know. Ew. But this guy reaches new lows every day and it doesn’t appear there is a bottom in sight.

Karen Field

I DO NOT want to discuss a thing about the horrible human in the White House. I want to say thank you to all who helped others during 911 and the aftermath. The police and firefighters and EMT’s. And every citizen who helped a neighbor or coworkers.
Bless you all and especially families of the deceased from that day. Never Forget

Jason, you covered all that and forget to remember Himself’s *greatest* achievement for 9/11: Calling off the “secret peace talks” with the Taliban. I still cannot believe that Trump would be so stupid as to even consider any sort of peace talks ON AMERICAN SOIL with the folks who harbored bin Laden and al-Qaeda. (Of course, the real irony there is that the Taliban–way back in 2001–had hoped to avoid any problems with the Americans by turning over bin Laden but the Bush Administration completely rebuffed any notion that would do so in secret or in private. The Bush Administration… Read more »
Markm Mitchell

Impeach Trump Now, Speaker Pelosi.