Texas A.G. Did Nothing with a Hundred Threats to “Gun Down” Hispanics


An armed man in San Antonio named Ralph Pulliam sent Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton around “one hundred” email pages full of threats to Hispanics, including the threat to shoot Hispanics down in a “bloodbath.” The Attorney General is the state’s top law-enforcement officer.

In response to these hateful emails promising murder, Attorney General Ken Paxton did exactly nothing. It gets worse. Local police did know of Pulliam, but did not have sufficient information to arrest him:

Though Paxton’s office reportedly did not communicate the threat to local officials, police did frequently visit his house on 911 tips. At no point was he arrested or stripped of his firearms, because local authorities — who weren’t aware of the threatening messages — did not have any evidence he had committed a crime. In the wake of the report, police are now trying to build a case against him.

Local police knew of Pulliam due of anonymous tips, but because A.G. Paxton did not communicate the actual threats, law enforcement could not act upon the vague 911 calls. In short, the A.G.’s failure to pick up the phone kept the man on the streets, a hand grenade waiting to go off.

Now, the situation is garnering the notice it deserved, and a local politician is demanding answers:

“These messages are clearly threats of deadly force against San Antonians based solely on the color of their skin,” wrote state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer in a complaint to Paxton demanding a meeting. “It is deeply alarming to me that despite the large volume and explicit nature of the messages from Mr. Pulliam, the Office of Attorney General has taken so long to cooperate with local law enforcement.”

Texas, being its own worst enemy in this situation, does not have “red flag laws” which allow the removal of firearms (temporarily) from someone who has exhibited potentially unstable mental health or behavior constituting a threat.

In case you wondered about Attorney General Paxton’s background in politics, it is just as one might expect of a Trump-supporting Texas Republican who ignores threats to kill Hispanics.

Paxton, an extreme right-wing official who is under indictment for securities fraud and is leading the multi-state lawsuit to strike down Obamacare in full, has made his stance against gun control clear, suggesting at a GOP convention that merely talking about gun laws means “more people are gonna die.”

Sounds to me like this guy is fine with “more people dying,” so long as he is in charge of who dies.

Here is where many Republicans will tell you that Donald Trump is not complicit with respect to the rise in homegrown terrorists like Pulliam. Trump – in one of his first acts in office – stopped the immigration of people from eight countries, in theory, because these nations posed an increase terrorist threat to Americans. Americans could die at their hands. Meanwhile, Trump himself is stoking homegrown terrorism.

In Trump’s America, and apparently in Paxton’s America, it is only terrorism if white people are killed by a brown-skinned Muslim. If a white Christian guns down Hispanics, he is a mentally-ill person who played too many video games.

Doubt me? Ask yourself, would Attorney General Paxton ignore emails sent by a Muslim man threatening to kill “Baptist Infidels in Dallas” in “bloodshed,” signed by a specific man from a specific email address? Of course not.

We can wipe Trump out in 2020. It will take two to three generations to wipe out the stain. If ever.


Peace, y’all


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I should not be surprised anymore, that so many people think murder is the solution for their hatred. I keep thinking this, is there really only one in 25 sociopaths walking around amongst us?

p j evans

Paxton supported laws restricting some kinds of lawsuits, of a kind he himself had benefited from. He’s a pull-up-the-ladder-behind-him “conservative”, like so many others.


How Paxton is still in office is astounding to me. Of course his repub cohorts protect his back at every turn. His lawsuit seems to be going nowhere due to the payment issue with the attorneys. How I would love to see every single repub wiped out of office next year. A pipe dream I know since we have so many brain dead cult followers in this state.

elna benoit

Another ugly old white male Republican. Anti-American traitor. Texas Trash.