Jason’s Fantastic, Weekend Worthy Recommendations!


Your loyal columnists here at Zoom will be with you all weekend providing updates and analysis of all breaking developments.

However, and especially after the bizarre week behind us, it is time to stroke our mystic side, a lifelong pursuit of learning, observation, participation, and divergent interests.

As your ever loyal servant, I provide some suggestions, for your probing minds, to both soothe, entertain, and wonder:

Japan landed a craft on an asteroid:

The former head of the Pentagon’s official (Yes, this is actually real) Advanced Aerospace Threat Investigation Program, AATIP, the Pentagon’s UFO study group, ongoing, (Yes, this is real) quit in 2017 because he believed the government kept too much secret and didn’t take the sightings seriously enough. Per The Sun:

But he quit the job in 2017, telling military bosses that the government was not taking sightings of unidentified craft by American warplanes seriously enough.

His letter, which was leaked, asked why more time wasn’t being spent on the issue, to work out “capability and intent of these phenomena for the benefit of the armed forces and the nation”.

Joe Rogan is currently the funniest stand-up comedian in the United States:

Weekly “What Would Jason Pick to Click”:

Never Get Enough of Janes Addiction: Jane Says

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And, for a good read, my opus, the novel that took 3 years and is Ursula reviewed and highly rec’d. “Alienation.



Have a good weekend, y’all. Peace, and we thank you for being so loyal, and please keep participating in the comments, and share our site with friends. These are exciting times watching us grow.



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Ursula Faw

I love this, Jason. This is eclectic and fascinating, and the first, I hope, of many.


I second that!

p j evans

That they were able to land on an asteroid twice (effectively) is impressive. (see the recent moon shots by Israel and India for an idea of how hard it is to land on another astronomical body)


Jason’s book is fascinating.


Tay is hilarious.