Atrocious Arizona GOP, Stop Dem Candidate Kelly “Dead in Tracks”


There is no bottom.

Not much to analyze here. The Arizona state GOP chairman put out a solicitation bragging that they would stop “gun grabber” Democratic Senatorial candidate Mark Kelly, “Dead in his tracks.”

You will recall that Mark Kelly is married to Gabby Giffords, a former Democratic Congresswoman from Arizona, shot in the head. In other words, a gunman almost stopped her “dead in her tracks.”

Fuck them.

I need to take a walk. I am about as offended as I can get right now. Giffords was gunned down while reaching out to her constituents on a weekend, at a grocery story, called “Congress on the Corner,” American democracy at its best.

I will not impugn the entire GOP with this despicable statement, but I damn sure will hold the Arizona GOP responsible if this “gun threat miscreant” isn’t removed.


Peace, y’all

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Like you said – fuck them! Detestable piece of shit – like many of them!


Considering the source (Ward) this is not surprising at all. AZ GOP-Nazis are desperate to do everything and anything to hold on the State and Federal (Senate) control. I recall waiting 6 hours and 25 minutes to vote in the AZ primary for HRC after the GOP severely reduced the number of polling places along with the number of poll workers in D precincts.


Bit of history: Gabby Giffords nearly became the SECOND member of Congress to die in the line of duty. The first was Congressman Leo Ryan of California, who went down to a spot called The People’s Temple AKA Jonestown to get answers. He and his entourage tried smuggling some folks who wanted to leave that place. Everyone got gunned down before they could.

So I see a little ugly symmetry between what happened to Ryan and what happened to Giffords.


Again, the opposition have all swallowed the Kool-aid.


There is no low that is to low for the repubs in this Country. Ward will hopefully be removed from her position. Mark Kelly will be a wonderful Senator for Arizona, and hopefully help the state come back from the dead end it is now.

Kelly Ward is a truly psychotic at times. She didn’t win the runoff against McSally, who’s another problematic product of the AZ GOP, and so she took her toys and had a hissy fit. To assuage her, they gave her the position in the GOP. Meh. Right now the amount of bs emails I get in my inbox from McSally, the federal and state GOP, is steadily rising. They are pretty concerned about losing the control of the state house & senate, as well as the federal senate seats. Kelly is a class act, is more of a centrist Democrat… Read more »
I met your other senator and while she is rated one of the most conservative Democrats, I thought she was a total class act. She came here and spoke to adjacent events in a local bar hosted by the Stonewall Democrats and Planned Parenthood, and could not have been more supportive on both issues. There was also a Moms Demand Action contingent there questioning her about gun safety laws, and she was excellent about that too. A guy I know here asked her about the problems his brother-in-law was having with the Arizona V.A. and she was clear and perfect… Read more »

Thank you for the slew of well-written investigative articles. You dig up things I would never run across in my normal perusing of the internet.

elna benoit

Ward has given us another disgusting display of GOP nastiness. At this point I’m ready to support mandatory armbands for Republicans so we can bring our children indoors or cross to the other side of the street when we see one approaching. Republicans are living proof of the old adage, “Give a coward a gun and you will create a bully.”

Lil Blue Sock

““Give a coward a gun and you will create a bully.”

That wraps up ammosexuals in a nice, neat little package….

*places bow on top of package*



You might as well impugn the entire Arizona GOP, the party that produced Martha “Gun Nut” McSally and the legendary sheriff Joe Arpaio.