Psychosis: Trump Will NOT Shut-Up About Hurricane-Alabama



We all make mistakes. NO ONE went nuts when he got the Alabama thing wrong.

It got corrected.

He initially pushed back, wayyy too defensively.

Then he took a Sharpie to a map, a map from days earlier than his tweet. He actually committed a felony in doctoring an official forecast but no one even holds felonies against him anymore. (Right, Speaker Pelosi?)

He got lambasted for taking the Sharpie to the map. Like a kid who altered his report card.

And yet it will NOT stop.

Just this morning, THIS MORNING, he has Tweeted:

That’s one.



Now, you are probably thinking; “Doesn’t he have anything else to worry about, being president and all?

Why yes, glad you asked. He is back to slapping around Debra damn Messing:

This is the president of the United States.

On a morning in which a Cat 2-3 hurricane looms right off the South Carolina – North Carolina coast, the U.K. is a mess about Brexit, Chinese tariffs are disrupting the world economy, kids are in cages on the border, and both Iran and North Korea are experimenting with weapons that can kill thousands, he is screaming about Dorian and Alabama. He cannot take being caught in a stupid mistake that no one cared about.

This is your president.

I have an idea. Share this around, see if it gets traction. We need to end this one way or another. And I need a few thousand followers:


Peace, y’all

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p j evans

I think there was one model that, early on, showed Dorian crossing Florida and then heading east, but that was the only one that did, and only for about one day. (Tr*mp is so dim, he doesn’t understand *how the forecasts work*. He thinks he can convince everyone he ‘s right, if he yells long enough and loud enough.)

Denis Elliott
The Aug. 28 map he’s using wasn’t generated by a WEATHER agency/service but rather by the South Florida Water Management Agency. There’s also a disclaimer on it that states: “NHC Advisories and County Emergency Statements supersede this product,” and “the product should complement, not replace NHC discussions.” Btw, that’s at the conclusion of a Politico article you can read here: Basically Trump is using a map that was old, and in which most of the possible tracks showed the storm making landfall in FL and turning north. AND that map he’s relying on wasn’t produced by any weather service… Read more »
p j evans

I saw some of the multi-model maps is posts elseweb. The colored lines with symbols on them are real projections. The rest may be historical tracks, but they’re not forecasts.


He cannot be wrong. Ever. He will keep pushing this BS until he thinks he has won. He knows he is being made fun of, that is a huge slam to his big baby psyche. Monumental loser trump is the hugest, most insecure snowflake there is.


Correction, Jason: he was never MY president. As I see it, we haven’t had one of those since January 20, 2016.

Lil Blue Sock

What a moran.

Carol O

What a pathetic POS. Has anyone else noticed how bad he’s looked since just before G7? I mean worse than usual? It really shows in the photo at FEMA. He’s been especially cranky since, missed that one meeting there, then skipped out on Poland. Methinks there’s something up with him, and it’s not good.