The cockles of my heart are so warmed by the fact that Mike and Mother Pence are having lunch with a gay couple, that i may just roast marshmallows. Ain’t it grand how warm and inclusive the Pences are? They’re actually going to sit at the same table and eat food with a gay man and his husband — a union which they have both gone on record disavowing the legality of, declaring it to be contrary to the ways of Gawd.

In what has been described as the most desperate and self-serving tweet of this administration to date (and that’s saying a lot) Pence’s token gay deputy press secretary made the announcement of this momentous occasion, the Pences having lunch with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and spouse, the takeaway being that Mike Pence is not anti-gay, because he’s actually willing to sit down with them at the same table and share a meal. Sort of like if the biggest jock in the high school, known for openly favoring the KKK, deigned to eat lunch with the new black kid, to show that he wasn’t a racist. Same difference.

I hope these two gay men that Mike Pence is deigning to break bread with appreciate the fact that Pence is willing to eat with them rather than try to electrocute them out of being gay. One small step for gay rights, one gigantic step for Mike Pence.


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Tin woman1

Thank you, Ursula.


Pence probably has a taser in his pocket, just in case.

Lil Blue Sock

Some of my best friends are black…….

What a guy.

p j evans

Or the woman I worked with, married to a black man (from Africa), but still prejudiced about people darker than most white people.

You know, I hear tell that, back in the pre-civil rights era, a lot of racist white folks would actually have *gasp*Colored*gasp* folks working for them–even in their own homes! Now, most of the rank-and-file Klansmen wouldn’t (mainly ’cause the majority of them were poor white trash and couldn’t afford to pay any outsider to come in and do housework) but many of the more affluent Klansmen did and they would feel so bad if they discovered that one of their cross-burning targets would be an employee’s home that they would make up an excuse to NOT go cross-burning that… Read more »

“…obviously, it’s not quite the same thing as his “fear” of being alone with a woman…”

He is pretty irresistible… his dreams.

Why are so many evangelicals so terrified of their bodies?

p j evans

They’re terrified of *females* and *female bodies*. They also seem to assume that teh gayz want to do to them what they want to do to women.


It’s not that Pence now tolerates gays. It’s that, unlike his boss, he knows better than to piss off the Irish.

Denis Elliott
I can picture in my head Pence doing “Monk” imitations during this little lunch. For those who don’t know the reference, Monk is the title character of a TV show of the same name – a brilliant (genius intellect) former SFD detective afflicted with just about every phobia in the book. One of his many repeated behaviors is using a sanitary wipe every time he shakes hands with someone, and a running gag is when it isn’t handed to him immediately by his ever present assistant Monk starts saying with steadily rising voice wipe, Wipe WIPE! I’m sure Pence will… Read more »