Tuck Carlson: Marijuana Causes Mass Shootings


I wish Republicans would just settle on one alternative to “anything BUT the guns” causing mass shootings. I have just written that Trump-supporter Tony Perkins insists it is because we teach real science and prevent his idea of prayer in school. Now, Tucker Carlson weighs in to assure us that marijuana contributes to the cause.

“In the aftermaths of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the country scrambled, justifiably, to understand what motivated the killers,” said Carlson. “Ideology seemed like an obvious reason and we picked that apart at some length. But it could it just be part of the answer?

“A toxicology report on the Dayton shooter, for example, revealed that he had several drugs in his system including cocaine and Xanax. He was also known to be a longtime user of marijuana. It turns out, in fact, that many violent individuals have been avid marijuana users. Is there a connection?”

Apparently Carlson believes marijuana contributes more than guns, since he never got around to discussing the gun laws that allow such slaughter.

Notice that he never got around to noting that the Dayton shooter did not have marijuana in his system at the time? We only get the second hand assurance that he was “known” to be a longtime user of marijuana. Cocaine and Xanax? A strange choice, at odds with each other, but we presume that people make strange choices, and that is why those of us not under the sway of the gun lobby want much stricter gun laws, precisely because we presume the obvious, guns inevitably fall into the hands of someone “not right.”

With respect to El Paso, we need not delve even that deep, because the El Paso murderer went out of his way to assure us as to what motivated him. Apparently we aren’t supposed to talk about the disgusting views about immigrants propounded by Trump.

Tucker was not done:

“I don’t think it’s going way out on a limb to draw that connection then between cannabis use, particularly I assume chronic use and acts of violence,”

You are going much further out on that limb than you need.

“Why is this not something that we’re pursuing more aggressively?”

Because most of us prefer to stay aggressive on the one cause we can really do something about? Keeping guns out of the hands of all people disturbed enough to murder fellow citizens.

Regardless, influential Republicans seem chock-full of answers to the mass-shooting epidemic. They just cannot seem to agree with each other, except for agreement that gun laws that keep guns off the street is not something to be discussed.

They are becoming increasingly complicit.


Peace, y’all


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Laughing hysterically. Pot could cause a whacko reaction. I had hallucinations when I had some 50 years ago that was soaked in horse tranquilizer. (BTW: It was a professional basketball player that sold it to my friend.) I saw Jesus and he was really unhappy with me, shaking his head no no no. Freaked me out and thought I was dying. Could someone have an adverse reaction to pot – yeah. But mass murder? What is Tucker smoking? Sheesh.

p j evans

Or the pot had something else in it – the aroma could hide a lot.

rory darjiit

Carlson: video games cause mass shootings

Rational people: that’s just dumb

Carlson: pot causes mass shootings

Rational people: that’s just dumb

Carlson: mental illness causes mass shootings

Rational people: that’s just dumb

Carlson: gay rights, broken families, taco Tuesday causes mass shootings

Rational people: that’s just dumb

Carlson: Fox News causes mass shootings

Rational people: Uh…okay…I think we’re going to give you partial credit on that one.

p j evans

I’m surprised, a little, that they’re not claiming that ab*rtion causes mass shootings. But maybe the fact that it’s usually guys who aren’t married doing the shooting slows down that claim.

Gerald Boyette

Loved it!

Denis Elliott

It’s been a long time since I was in social situations where pot was being smoked but unless something has changed it seems to mellow people out. Booze it what causes folks to get loud & belligerent & even violent. Pot? The only thing I’ve seen subjected to violence from pot users is stuff like cookies, chips and junk food of just about any type. Those “munchies” will have them eating every snack they can get their hands on!

Gerald Boyette

Come on Right Wingnuts get your stories straight. Is it Marijuana or teaching evolution? It can’t be both because I said it can’t. Settle on one or make up something else.

Gerald Boyette

The only solution to the mass murder epidemic is to get the guns capable of firing more than 8 rounds per load off our streets. And no quick load capability either. Then potential killers will not have a weapon that makes them think they are invincible. Nothing else works, not even thoughts and prayers.


People I know who smoked a lot of pot had a hard time getting off the sofa to go to the kitchen to get another bag of Doritos.