This is deja vu vu vu — meaning we’ve been over this same *%(@#l% ground so many times that it’s a broken record. There are no new arguments or original insights to be made. It’s meaningful that this latest massacre happened in open-carry Texas, which means that all the good guys with guns should have been able to stop the bad guy with a gun — again.

At the time of this writing, there are five dead, twenty-one injured, including a 17 month old baby, who was shot in the face, according to News Watch 9. Y’all enjoying your guns today?

So far crickets from John Cornyn or Ted Cruz. They’re probably too busy consoling Wayne LaPierre and Oliver North. Governor Greg Abbot issued the usual statement about how heartbreaking it all is and Texans will unite, bla bla.

These stats are so clear. So unambiguous. This is not neurosurgery. This is about the Senate reconvening and passing H.R. 8 — which should have happened weeks ago. But no, McConnell fell down in his house and sprained his shoulder, so he needed to stay on vacation, Trump’s busy on the golf course, what else is new? And Americans are bleeding and dying, once again.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Do we have to listen to more idiocy on Fox News about how schools should be made into police states with armed teachers? Bear in mind that in the recent Pennsylvania shooting, it took sixty cops to stop one bad guy with a gun — and he shot six of them, first. But put a revolver in our Miss Brooks’ hands, and she’s going to keep everybody safe? So, we’re going to have another re-run of that argument, maybe?

Or, maybe the NRA will blame cars this time. The Midland shooter was able to do so much damage because he had a car, not because he had a gun? Seriously, I’m waiting to hear that one. Maybe transportation is the real issue, and if we all go to work on roller skates, then another shooting like this won’t occur.

Every time this happens, the same question is asked: How many more dead, injured, orphaned, widowed, heart broken people do we need before the NRA-owned Republicans start doing the job they were elected to do? Same situation, same question, only the date on the calendar is different. What will it take for this time to be the time that gets results? Because if we can’t get results after this most recent atrocity, so close on the heels of Philadelphia, Dayton, El Paso and Gilford, maybe there is no more government of the people, by the people, for the people. Maybe an oligarchy of 1-percenters and special interests do in fact run the show, and this is just how we’re going to have to live. Has it come to that?

This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no foolin’ around. The Senate needs to go into emergency session and pass H.R. 8.



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p j evans

Midland and Odessa are in CD11 – Mike Conaway’s district. Lubbock, where the baby was medevacced, is CD19 – Jodey Arrington, and he’s a liar and so far right that he’s over the edge.


I’m crying. Thanks Ursula for keeping up with this horror.

p j evans

I’m readign stories about the Midland-IOdessa shootings, and seeing stuff like one of the mayors and the Odessa medical center director saying stuff like “all we can do is pray”. Dudes, there’s a lot you can do beyond prayers. Try voting out people who think that more guns are the answer. Try voting for people who back tighter gun controls and registration/licensing requirements. Try not supporting NRA-backed politicians, FFS.