Hannity’s Sub-Humanity: Vicious Comment on Biden’s Family


Oh, boy. ‘Best hold me back, because this one’s coming with all the literary lash I can muster.

Sean Hannity has done plenty to assure anyone listening that when the big dog above was handing down souls, she had an inventory issue, resulting in some proto-people going out the door with substandard, indeed downright dangerous, equipment. Nothing else explains Hannity’s imperceptible humanity.

But that was then, and he now has me convinced that his soul never came from the big one above. I have proof.

“You can blame him for that, too, and if his other family are getting special treatment, of course he’s knowing what’s going on,” Hannity exclaimed.

“Well, Hunter’s a bad boy, he had alcohol problems, drug problems, he got thrown out of the Navy,” Rivera responded. “His son has plenty of bad things going on but that’s not on his dad.”

“Let me cry a river for Joe Biden’s family!” Hannity shouted, calling on fellow Fox News colleague Dan Bongino to jump into the fray.

Remember that quote, write it down, or link it somewhere on your phone, to revisit when Hannity is exposed as a “journalist” on the take from Russian intelligence. A traitor, prostituting himself to an adversary in tumultuous times. Because when it happens, you and I will together “cry” Hannity “a river.”

Whatever one thinks about Joe Biden’s politics, and I don’t care if one hates Joe Biden personally, it takes an astonishingly hateful being to utter Hannity’s coldly calculated content. As a young Senator in his early 30s, Joe Biden lost his wife and toddler daughter to a car accident. I cannot think of a more devastating occurrence to a father and husband. Perhaps the only thing that could come close is to lose a son in his prime, one with a family of his own, to cancer. Were that not enough, tagged on almost as an afterthought, is the pain a father undergoes upon seeing a son – again with a family of his own – struggle against the chains of addiction.

Any one of the above would be enough to shatter a weakling like Hannity. I will say it with even greater clarity, Hannity doesn’t have a fraction of the strength, self-awareness and love wrapped in Biden’s finger.

Do not tell me that Hannity isn’t aware of Biden’s past, or wasn’t referencing that past with respect to his comment. Hannity is paid enough to presumptively retain the requisite awareness of Biden’s story.

Let me show you just how easy it is to comment upon any political problems Biden has, all while respecting his humanity, to say nothing of respect for the dead. This is coming off the top of my head, just as Hannity’s came off the top of his pointed, empty one.

“Well, Biden and his family have suffered tragedy that we wish upon no one, and I am certainly aware of that. But with respect to the financial shenanigans at the root of these particular issues, I don’t have anything in the way of sympathy.”

That’s it.

That is entry-level humanity, “Adult Awareness 101,” and it damn sure is the minimum I would be compelled to say if such a tragedy befell Trump, McConnell, Devin Nunes, or even Sean Hannity. Even now, as I sit here, if I later read a news crawl stating: “Sean Hannity’s wife diagnosed with inoperable tumor,” you sure as hell wouldn’t read me gloating about it, indeed, I am far more likely to register a note of sympathy for the traitor.

I need to go one further. In this day and age, in the time of Rush Limbaugh having gone to treatment for pill addiction, of President “W” Bush and his alcohol issues, do we ever reference an addict and alcoholic as a “bad boy” with “plenty of bad things going on”?


The only “bad boy” in that scenario is the person low enough to look down upon him. Hannity and Rivera probably believe they were being “respectful” of Joe Biden by noting “that’s not on [Joe].” I will tell you else it is not “on.” It is not “on” Hunter, either, even if true. Any addict will tell you that they did not “ask” for the genetic predisposition, and have suffered more personal pain through it than anything Hannity has dealt with, ever.

The reason I know that Hannity has never been through such challenges is that all of them, or any one of them, changes a person, shakes their tree, shakes their faith and self-assuredness, makes a person more thoughtful, empathic, and understanding. These tragedies unify people capable of humility, pain and regret.

Sean has none of these qualities. He has endured nothing approaching the tragedies that Joe Biden sure as shit did not ask for. So, I will say it again. When the cops come for Hannity, and they will, because no one knows the value of media manipulation like the Russians, and no one has been more shameless in unqualified support for Trump than Hannity, when he is fired and loses his profession due to the emerging evidence, I will most certainly not be in mourning.

I might have some sympathy for his kids, even his wife. After all, I am human, and I have lived through some stuff that compels me to sympathize with others experiencing pain.

Yes, I am aware that no tangible evidence exists – yet – that Hannity has been on the traitorous take. It is risky, perhaps unfair to lay such a claim at this point.

Cry me a river.

I warned you to look out.


Peace, y’all





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Perhaps the so-called party of Lincoln should remember that Lincoln may have been the first person on record tocorrectly identify alcoholism 9or any addiction) as a disease:

“The victims of it (alcoholism) were to be pitied and compassioned, just as are the heirs of consumption and other hereditary diseases. Their failing was treated as a misfortune and not as a crime, or even as a disgrace.”

Alfred Higgins

The ”Party of Lincoln” should remember much more than it does collectively, including the fact that the last time it was the “Party of Lincoln” was 1865!