Needed News: Trump Approval Free-Falling in MidWest


We need to come up for air for a bit. I found some, and I’ll pass it around.

Take what we can get.

While we have noted on several occasions that Trump’s over all disapproval rate climbed through the summer, it never finished over 60% on Nate’s 538 poll.

But, according Kerry Eleveld over at the mothership, Trump is dropping in those key states any candidate needs to win in order to grab the office. Indeed, winning through the rustbelt is the key to compiling more electoral college votes while finishing with three million less votes total, as only Trump could show us.

Trump seems well on his way to losing those states:

Trump’s net approval rating has plunged in states such as Wisconsin (-14), Michigan (-11), and Pennsylvania (-8)—all of which Trump won in 2016

Eleveld cites numbers compiled by Axios, so we are looking at a relatively reliable sample. Now, those are net “approval” ratings, not Republican/Democratic votes. Democrats are not 14 percentage points ahead of the Republican vote in Wisconsin. However, one cannot get to a Democratic win in Wisconsin without approval ratings taking a nose dive. That appears to be happening.

MSNBC just reported that Trump is down in literally every key battleground state, including Nevada, Minnesota, Arizona, New Mexico and …. Florida.

This is turning into better news than when I originally wrote this column.

And I want to point out again, much of the damage Trump either caused or endured this summer came late in the season and likely hasn’t been fully absorbed within polling, nor will be until deep into September.

The pace to everything will pick up this fall. We are staring down the barrel at both a downturn in the economy, and an uptick in people itching for an impeachment inquiry. Both are likely to capture people’s attention, sooner than later.

We can only hope that as the news gets worse and worse, he will watch less and less TV. Perhaps that would be bad?

Who knows?

I know it is good that people in key states are no longer buying this con.


Peace, y’all


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His approval rating should be so much higher – but hey I’ll take what I can get!


I mean his DIAPPROVAL rating should be higher. Time for another cup of coffee!!!

It’s reports like this that continue to give me cause for hope. Not just because of how the disapproval is so high (the key part is for it to be that high or better for the Election Day poll) but the fact that it is coming out at all. Info like this would be suppressed or discredited if many assumptions of Trump/Putin/McConnell were as accurate as believed. When horrible human being and Tea Party firebrand Joe Walsh is mounting a primary challenge against you, it’s because he’s seen the same numbers or talked to the same people who created those… Read more »
Lil Blue Sock

I was wondering if Walsh would attempt to portray himself as a rational Republican or if they would just try to out fascist each other.