Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a career out of lying in service to Trump, and she did it while on the taxpayer’s dime. Turns out, that was her version of broadcasting school, because now she’s graduated into the big time of mendacity, a gig as a contributor on Fox News. Sanders will make her debut on Fox on September 6. Mark that on your calendar, you won’t want to miss it.

And Sanders isn’t the only one hitting the airwaves. Sean Spicer is signed up to perform on “Dancing With The Stars.” Just think, friends, you get to see both former White House press secretaries on the silver screen, once again. Spicer couldn’t sell his book, but maybe he can sell his hoofing, who knows? He could become the Baryshnikov of Bullshit.

But there’s an interesting pattern here: 1. Show business and politics have now become as one in the age of Trump; 2. There’s no disgrace in lying to the American people. Au contraire, there’s a contract in it. Great lesson to teach the young uns, perfidy pays.

Confession would have taken self honesty and awareness, plus some kind of a moral compass. Those attributes are incompatible with Trumpites, and non existent in Sanders. Mendacity is so much a part of her makeup that now it’s her defining feature — and she’s getting paid for it. She’s been admitted into the pantheon of world class dissemblers, Fox News. An interesting spin on “to thine own self be true.”


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10 Comments on "Hucky Boo Boo Sanders Hired As Fox News Contributor"

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Hucky Boo Boo! LMAO!!!!! Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore!


The huckster got a job, exactly where I thought she would.


Faux Noise is the perfect place for this liar. She will fit right in.


The Mendacity Channel.
All lies, all the time.