I’ll give the Democratic party credit for innovative and progressive thinking, hands down, any day. But witchcraft? Well, apparently Donald Trump thinks so. Take a look.

Now this is an interesting approach to political analysis, I must say. Clearly, any signs of economic change, good or bad, are going to be reported immediately, and last month the inverted yield curve was reported. This economic indicator has preceded every recession for the past fifty years, so it is taken seriously. But Donald Trump, in his sublime ignorance of how the economy actually works, has now taken to blaming the “will” of the “selfish” Democrats for this dire economic flash point. Oh, and we willed the manufacturing sector to slow down the past two consecutive quarters, as well? So, let me see if I have this straight: the economy is a little bit like a spoon, and the Democrats are Uri Geller, and we can bend it with our minds — is that right? Wow, that’s impressive.

Trump is off his nut this morning on the economy. He’s bad mouthing Jerome Powell, again, apparently oblivious to how he praised him to the hilt the day he chose him.

Strong, committed and smart has devolved to “clueless” and “horrendous lack of vision.” Okey doke. But Trump has a vision, yes siree.

Larry Kudlow informs us there is no recession, and we are glad to hear his views. We learned in 2007 exactly how much his economic opinion was worth, when he told us then, as he’s telling us now, not to worry about a thing. Maybe Kudlow could explain to us, why, if there’s no recession, Trump wants to employ the tactics that one uses during a recession to mitigate the fall? Just askin’.


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When I saw this pop up I laughed out loud! Trump got a degree in Economics – hmmmm he didn’t seem to be paying attention in class. He turns on his own appointees when things don’t go his way. This idiot HAS to go!!! (Dee goes to dust off her voodoo spell book. Ha ha ha!)


Say hi to Papa Legba and Barone Samedi for me!


In his novel The Shining, Stephen King quoted a very famous Poe story about a party meant to shut the ugliness of a plague outside its walls. There is a clock that makes everyone just STOP when it strikes the hour, as if it were reminding them of an inevitable doom. The inverted yield curve report is that clock striking the hour, reminding everyone how short time has gotten. And not Cthulhu is going to save that old man’s ass.


It is breathtaking the lengths he will go to in avoiding blame.
I have seen 10-year-olds more mature in owning up to their mistakes.
He should have a sign on his desk that reads “The buck NEVER stops here”.

Carol O
Not Dems. Nope! Unh-uh! The repugs are the ones that are the masters of voodoo economics and that’s what this train of thought sounds like. Man, if just ‘willing’ something really worked, wouldn’t we all be lottery winners, have world peace, fix the climate, or erase tRump and everything he’s broken since he was born? If tinyfingers wants the economy to be good, why doesn’t he just ‘will’ it to be so, since he seems to think that idiocy works. Or he could just shut the hell up, my personal choice. Good God, what a moran!

Economics be all toil and trouble
Cauldron boil and cauldron bubble.
Leaf of hemlock, twig of spruce
Command the Orange One: Drink this juice!