Nobody is safe from Trump’s wrath. Not even his supporters! (With Video)


Did you ever have one of those days? One where you had promised to take the spouse to the movies, but had the shittiest day in the world, but went to the movies anyway, rather than take heat for backing out and having a shitty capstone to a shitty day? That was yesterday for Trump.

In hindsight, I’m sure that he now wishes he had just said “Screw it!” and rescheduled the event. Trump was not going into his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, last night, normally the highlight of his week, on a high note. The Democrats were calling him a card carrying, bedsheet wearing white supremacist. His beloved FOX not only aired polls showing that even his own supporters think he’s dividing the country instead of uniting it, but even showing him trailing all five of the top tier Democratic candidates, and not clearing 40% against any of them. And to top it off, journalists were reporting that his own aides are terrified of a looming “Trump recession,” and a complete inability to deal with one if it occurs.

The Washington Post reported that the speech was a rambling, one hour, thirty minutes-long long train wreck. He replayed all of his greatest hits from 2016, even though Hillary isn’t running, bashed Democrats, but rambled so much that he repeated himself later in the speech, without seeming to realize that he was going over the same old ground for a second time that night.

But then disaster struck, and a disaster that was eye popping even for Trump.

When you watch the video, you’ll clearly hear at first a scattering of boos as Trump berates the man, which then become louder. I’ve watched it three times now, and I honestly can’t determine whether the other supporters are booing the overweight supporter that Trump is humiliating, or whether they are actually booing Trump for insulting a true believer. If it’s the former, then it’s typical for a rock headed Trump crowd. But if it’s the latter, then we may have just reached a watershed moment. One can easily imagine that the mind set of a typical Trump supporter is “Insult blacks. Insult gays. Insult Muslims. Insult Democrats. Insult anybody you want, but don’t you fucking dare to insult ME!”

After the moment started getting airtime, the White House released a statement that sounds like pure Trumpian bullshit to me. In the statement it says that returning to New Jersey on Air Force One, Trump actually called the man he had insulted. How in the hell he got the phone number for an anonymous supporter in a crowd is beyond me. But being Trump, of course he didn’t apologize. He simply told the man that he had never intended to insult or embarrass him, and thanked him for being a supporter. That part at least rings true.

It’s going to be interesting to see if either the size, or the tenor of Trump audiences changes at future rallies in the wake of his outright insult to one of their own. Trump has long bragged that his supporters would literally take a bullet for him. I guess we’re gonna find out quick like if they’ll take a rhetorical one for him.


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Lil Blue Sock

Like any other bloodsucker Trump is obviously unable to see his own reflection in mirrors……pot meet kettle.

….and no, riding a golf cart around a field hitting a small ball into a hole isn’t exercise any more than bending your elbow to shove Big Macs down your gullet is.


It’s moments like this that make me think about how OG mobsters like Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Albert Rothstein, Johnny Torrio and, of course, Al Capone would have dealt with Presidente Grande.


Apparently, the insult didn’t bother the Trump supporter at all. He still thinks he’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.