Donald Trump’s favorite pastime is bragging about how people love him and thank him, frequently in tears, for all the wondrous change that he has effected in their lives. A frequent lie of his, which he has said no less than seven times since 2016, is that he was named Michigan’s “Man Of The Year,” due to being the biggest change-maker in the auto industry since Henry Ford, to hear him tell it.

The problem with this boast is that nobody has ever heard of the award and that’s because it doesn’t exist. CNN’s intrepid journalist, Daniel Dale, started tracking down the facts after Trump claimed, yet again Thursday night in New Hampshire, to be the recipient of this mythical honor. Dale spoke with former Michigan GOP Congressman Dave Trott, who ostensibly gave Trump the award.

Trump got up and gave an acceptance speech for an non-existent award that he dreamt up on the spot, apparently, and people were too embarrassed to say anything. Maybe he took their silence for ratification of the idea that he was indeed “Man Of The Year.” And then he went out and broadcast his fantasy as fact six more times. And naturally, same old, same old, Trump fantasized a huge crowd to go along with his fictitious award.

The man should write fairy tales, seriously. He could write about a boorish buffoon, whom everybody loathed, but then when the buffoon went into his Secret Space, he emerged into a world where everybody loved him, and was conferring honors on him left and right. In this world, the buffoon rides on the back of a unicorn into a stadium, brimming with screaming fans, and receives a new Honor each day, carried to him by lust crazed, scantily clad women, who throw themselves at his feet, while the crowd roars, and waves banners.

The man is a fifth rate L. Ron Hubbard and he’s roosting in the Oval Office, tweeting, except for those delirium filled convocations with his adoring gaslit admirers, where he trots out his newest hallucinations, or recycles old ones. It’s doubtful that he even realizes that he ever made the stuff up to begin with. Rod Serling couldn’t write this, but you and I live it. By the way, #EmptySeatMAGATour is trending. Always some kill joy with a camera to pop Trump’s daydream du jour.

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Lil Blue Sock

I’ll never understand why the press never calls out Trump’s delusional BS directly to his face.

“Mr *Resident, why are you blatantly lying about receiving the so called Michigan Man of the Year award when no such award even exists…….are you not able to control yourself?”

Not rocket science.


I have often wondered the same. Baffling.


I can almost guarantee you he doesn’t know he made it up. I’ve known a couple of sociopaths (well) and once the lie was told, it became the truth.

Markm Mitchell

It is time, Speaker Pelosi.


Now that the impeachment process is under weigh withaformal impeachment investigation opened by the House Judiciary Committee (formal for a couple of weeks now) with the agreement of the speaker, can we stop calling for what already exists?

Markm Mitchell

Point taken.
Hurry the Hell up, Speaker Pelosi.