I never thought I would be quoting the philosophies of Jeb Bush, but this is a day and age where I have found the likes of John Boehner and Anthony Scaramucci providing a moral compass, so literally anything is possible. Jeb Bush said about Trump, back in the 2016 GOP primary days, “Donald is going to find out some day that you just can’t go around insulting people.” Sound remark on Trump’s propensity for viciously attacking his political adversaries, but sadly, I don’t think Trump will ever learn. And right now, my sense of things is that Trump is going to get even uglier, because he’s getting cornered, and you know how rats are then.

Israel is banning Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting not only Israel but all of the Occupied Territories. This move comes as a result of urging from Donald Trump. The White House lied about that fact at 9:00 a.m. Thursday and then Trump went on Twitter and showed that the White House lied.

Stephanie Grisham is a paid liar, just like Huckabee Sanders was. She said reports that Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the congresswomen from visiting were “inaccurate” and she said, “The Israeli government can do what it wants.” No doubt. But it’s also doing what Trump wants, and he proved that an hour later in his tweet. The reaction to both Netanyahu and Trump’s machinations has been predictable.

Israel is an apartheid state, noted for it’s war crimes, so of course, Trump backs it. That’s just his kind of a regime. And the word “disgrace” he pins onto the two Muslim congresswomen.

Even Kevin McCarthy defended the congresswomen’s right to visit, last week during a visit to Israel, according to the Wall Street Journal. “I think it would be helpful for anyone that has an opinion to come,” he said.


It has never made sense to me that there are holocaust survivors in Israel who back an essentially genocidal position. That said, it’s an absolute verite that if those of differing views cannot visit the region and voice their opinions, nothing is going to get better. And of course, that’s just fine with Donald Trump. In fact, he’s encouraging it, out of some perverse desire to attack members of The Squad, because he believes that empowers him to win in 2020 — or something.

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God! So sick of his dumbass crap!

Denis Elliott

I hit the delete button on the other site to something I dashed off in anger. I feared pointing out the apartheid nature of Isreal’s actions & the tolerance of so many people there (and here and elsewhere) of being ok with genocidal actions would get me banned. I’ll freely admit the jarhead in me has harbored a deep and long resentment towards Israel due to their attitude towards our contingent in Beirut. What they did to the Liberty sticks in my craw as well.

William H Gross

Stop nuttyahoo from ever stepping foot in the house and send AIPAC to Israel to stay!


I love how his staff tries to cover for the idiot, only to have him open his stupid yap and make them look like fools. Serves them right, when you wallow with pigs, you will get muddy. Sorry, that is insulting to pigs, which are highly intelligent animals. Wish I could say the same for the Mango Moron.

Lil Blue Sock

The state of Israel learned fascism for the pros.

To Subir…..fuck you.

yaya nana
A terrific read, Ursula. Many years ago I was about as pro-Israel as anyone can be. I’d spend a couple of months there with family friends in the mid-’60s. It was an inspiring place to visit. Back then, so many people I casually met while shopping or eating out, would reach out to me & they had numbers tattooed on their arm. I was living in Turkey during the Six-Day-War, again inspired by the Israeli army. But, when they began to treat Palestinians as they had once been treated & kept occupied territory instead of pulling back as they once… Read more »