Genius: Trump Tower Address on Barack H. Obama Ave?


Breathtaking, simple, rarely does one run into such exquisite perfection. I implore you baby Jesus, make this come true:

Gaze in awe.

Where do I sign?

This requires such elegant, and deservingly cynical, thought, that I would offer-up the originator’s name for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I say that, because if any one thing could slightly balance out the fact that Trump won the presidency, it would be seeing Trump’s hometown name the street below his feet after his “nemesis,” Barack Obama.

Sweet mother of god that is just delicious irony, better than bacon dipped in guacamole.

They have their reasons, too:

Exactly, so it’s not even partisan. Perhaps they will name a street after Bush, too. Just not the one lining along Trump’s “tower.”

Besides, “5th Avenue” is sooo 20th century. “President Barack H. Obama Ave” has some elan going into the 21st Century. “Cool” versus “frumpy.”

I would be proud to own a place at 725 President Barack Obama Ave. But only if they took that damn “Trump” sign off it, which may well be the next move in cleaning up the dump.

Thinking on it now, the country will want a new name once we rid ourselves of Trump, start fresh ….


Want to see a magic trick? Want to see ALL the power go out of that petition in two sentences. All that is required is a statement from Trump:

“Though I have strong political differences with the man, Barack Obama was fine president, a tribute to this nation, and remains a great international statesman. It would be an honor to have a building on an avenue named after President Obama.”


But he cannot do it. You know it, I know it, and that’s why it is so wonderful.


Who says there is no good news out there?

Peace, y’all.





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2 Comments on "Genius: Trump Tower Address on Barack H. Obama Ave?"

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This would be SO perfect!!! I can see Trump’s head exploding. (Has anyone ever seen the 1981 sci-fi movie Scanners? Check out the head exploding scene!)

Ursula Faw

This is drop dead hilarious. I do love whoever came up with this idea, a person after my own heart!