Zoom Survey: Who Does Trump Love More …. ?


Ha, faked you out a bit, and I do apologize. We are not going to have a survey because the moment you see the question, you’ll see there is no need.

But I do need to explain. We have taken some serious matters quite seriously lately, appropriately so. It is just as appropriate to occasionally not take ourselves as seriously.

To that end, Jimmy Kimmel asked an excellent question last night. Who does Trump love more, Kim Jung Un or Melania?

See? That is a ridiculous survey question – or a joke – because the obvious answer is C) Himself, even though you were not provided that option, it IS the obvious answer. Too obvious, you don’t get a survey. 🙂

So easy.

People in love with other people, especially newlyweds expecting their only child, do not have sex with porn stars they just met twenty minutes ago. At least, that is my understanding, and just trust me on this, my wife agrees.

Moreover, a person in love does not allow his partner to practice shooting missiles toward him, and then sort of forgive and forget. No, not without a discussion, perhaps counseling. Just “forgiving and forgetting” isn’t love, it is more indicative of a relationship based on convenience, desperation, sex, or a need to win a Nobel prize because a former significant other did.

But, really, the only answer is all too easy. It is C, because the only thing Trump loves is himself, and his “thing.” And though it’s not a big thing, it does have big ramifications. Seriously.

Why does Kimmel pay people so much to write jokes? This is like shooting tuna in a cup.


Peace, y’all. Be good to each other, smile once in a while.



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I wondered how to put that out there, for at least the, “thinking people”, …. it’s SO hard to believe that DJT got to where he is, because until recently, there has been little to none of the background explanation of why everyone that trump deals with or associates with him, “had better toe the line, and praise him properly or else”, it is a hidden flaw that makes life for anyone trying to deal with his Manic, explosive, temper tantrums, throwing objects around the oval office, acting like a little boy, stomping feet, screaming hate comments and totally wrong… Read more »