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9 Comments on "F*** Social Media. Good Journalism Is Our Last Best Hope"

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These facts are simple and easy to understand, just going a little ways into your words … Trump, his shit for brains Cabinet, all yes people, no one of them really knows how their day job is supposed to be done, just squash everything Obama and Democratic processes, hand all the money to the 1%, and steal all you can wring out of the majority of our citizens … Stop all scientific information about global warming … remove as many people from government jobs that support our air, water and national parks and wilderness areas … all things evil for… Read more »
Some good points. But with #4, I hate to say, but I think you’re peeing up a rope. First, there is no pill. Second, a lot of these people have a vested interest. They want to off-road in Bears Ears, they want to build golf courses where there’s almost no water, they want to frack, they want to off-shore drill, they want to pit-mine, they want to log National Forests. And they want freedom to denigrate POCs and Jews. And many want the reduced regulations. Pharma, meat packers, pesticide manufactures. Oddly, the good news is the auto industry doesn’t want… Read more »

Searching for actual truth?
It’s so much easier to have talking heads saying’ he said,she said’.
Bonus: By carefully choosing your talking heads you can skew the questions to one side or another while still pretending to be ‘fair and balanced’ and looking at ‘both sides’, while forgetting that in a three-dimensional world there are really only two sides to anything.
This has to change.
But I’m not holding my breath waiting.


Can’t edit: should say ‘there are rarely only two sides to anything.’


I was a stringer for an Idaho newspaper in the late 1990s and remember how shocked I was to hear that the policy was now you always gave both sides in an article. Their newspaper? Their rules, but the published stupidity that came with that rule was intolerable so I quit and started writing letters to the editor. Another reason ignorance in America has reached unprecedented heights.


Your title quote is one of my favorites (I even transcribed it into a Medieval meme), but I’m stating to realize it’s incomplete. If it’s the Republican who says it’s raining and the Democrat who says it’s not, the journalist needs to look out of multiple windows, because I guarantee the Republican has paid someone to stand at one of them and train a garden hose just above it. Just sayin’.