As you know, there was a tragedy in Russia a few days ago involving nuclear technology, and the seven people killed were buried today. Not a great deal else is known — including in Russia. TIME Magazine:

Russian media have speculated that the weapon being tested was the SSC-X-9 Skyfall, known in Russia as the Burevestnik, a nuclear-powered cruise missile that President Vladimir Putin introduced to the world in a brief animated segment during his state-of-the-nation address last year.

The incident comes after a series of massive explosions earlier last week at a Siberian military depot killed one and injured 13, as well as forcing the evacuation of 16,500 people from their homes. Russia’s navy has suffered numerous high-profile accidents over the years. In July, 14 sailors died in a fire aboard a nuclear-powered submarine in the Barents Sea in an incident on which officials initially refused to comment. A top naval official later said the men gave their lives preventing a “planetary catastrophe.”

Now, Donald Trump is on vacation and playing on Twitter. Here’s what he said.

Is he doing his usual lying/bluffing routine — or is he revealing something he shouldn’t? That is the question.

If there is such a program, maybe Jared mentioned it to him, since Jared reads the intelligence briefs every day — and then God knows who he shares the information with. Jared is very interested in nuclear reactors, as you know, he was selling them to the Saudis in 2017. But we don’t need to worry, right? Because Trump has real nuclear experts around him? Like at the Department of Energy? Oh — wait —

I’ve known a few military people with top security clearances. They didn’t even tell their wives what they were working on. They sure as hell didn’t tell Twitter.

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OMG, here…here’s stupid, once again, so proud of announcing superior THINGS, here in the US … yet, he and pea brain from Texas, Rick Perry don’t have a clue, WTF they are working with in our huge system of military arms … don’t even know that the biggest use of anything nuclear in weapons that can, and are field weapons in ground conflicts, are depleted uranium, very dense and very heavy, more so than lead, used in heavy machine guns in the, “Warthogs”, anti-tank planes that are still considered the cat’s meow to blow up selected buildings, armored vehicles and… Read more »

In a related diary Jason wrote, I mentioned how the very concept of a nuclear-powered missile sounded like the Cold War equivalent of a perpetual motion machine. Joe Cirincione apparently just confirmed that thought. Do I think he would order such a program to go forward? Yes. Do I think he would underfund, understaff and undersupport such an endeavor in favor of pocketing the needed financing? Recall what he did to Atlantic City casinos. Do I think it more likely that he’s bluffing because he doesn’t want to be second-best? I no longer consider that a serious question.

Your comment points to the answer we are all hoping for, since SO MUCH data was found in the, “Good old days of cold war Nuclear dreams”, that simply crushed anything more than those always on, reactors Russia built, that may end up killing a good number of unsuspecting outback farmers and small town communities … we have used scaled down atomic level reactors in our longest distance space probes, used for one shot power generators, and since in space where the levels of radiation are so high naturally, shielding is a minimal worry. I’m sorry to think this way,… Read more »
Nancy M Parker

It isn’t impossible like perpetual motion. It’s bloody dangerous to the ones using it and everyone on the flight path as well as the intended target.


Based on these results? Just the first group of people more than the others you mentioned.

rory darjiit

Ok, nuclear cruise missile…insane. But can we dev a nuclear powered moon drone?? Imagine it…a drone just flying all over the moon for endless months. We could have a Moonuke drone cam.

And before anyone tells me that idea is stupid, the actual real project was a cruise missile that would spray radioactive crap into the air for months to wreak ecological terror on our enemies. My idea doesn’t even remotely compete.