Trump Insanity: Retweets CT Linking Clinton and Esptein Suicide


Yes, he did. Trump retweeted a Twitter post from an unknown actor which espoused a worthless and non-existent Clinton link to Epstein’s death. The United States’ president continues to descend to levels of insanity never before contemplated  coming from that office. He remains a clear threat to the nation’s security.

This president has sufficient spare time, to peruse the Twitter gutter because, apparently, that’s where “the good stuff” in his mind resides. It provides an outlet for his sick fascination and hatred for a man and woman who openly espouse their disdain for him.

If Trump can be manipulated this easily, what can specialists within the Russian military do?

Furthermore, the charges against Epstein originated within the United States Justice Department. The Epstein matter was, and certainly still is, an ongoing federal investigation. It used to be unheard of for a president to comment on an ongoing investigation, especially one that touches upon a person known to have prior associations with that president.

Trump has now normalized it.

Yesterday, we writers on this site certainly did note that many powerful people had reason to want Epstein silenced forever. We noted the strange fact that he went from suicide watch to a  – seemingly – suicide-able cell in only two weeks. We wondered aloud if someone had gotten to Epstein.

But, we emphasized strongly that we were speculating. None of us linked any specific name to such a heinous act. Nor are we president of the United States, with an obligation to responsibly follow a higher decorum.

We are only one day out from the death that caused ripples across the world. What will he do next?

It could be anything.


Peace, y’all.




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There are no depths to which he will not descend beneath.
It is his nature.

Honestly, I don’t get Trump’s pathological obsession with the Clintons and his constant need to slime them. For one, and to state the obvious, they’re white. He usually reserves that kind of vitriol for people who aren’t. For another, Bill hasn’t been president in damn near thirty years but Trump acts like it was just last week. For a third, he already beat Hillary unfair and unsquare in 2016, yet she and her husband are never far from his mind. The only plausible explanation I can come up with is he’s doing this to them because even HE knows not… Read more »

This tweet bears more publicity.
‘America 2019, where the president’s concentration camps gets pushed
out of the news by the president’s mass-shooting fanboy which gets
pushed out by the president’s thumb’s up photo op which gets pushed
out by the president’s child-sex-trafficking bestie’s quote-unquote

— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) August 10, 2019