NBC New York reported Jeffrey Epstein was put on suicide watch July 25, after having been found lying on the floor of his cell, unconscious, with marks on his neck. Today, Epstein was found dead in his cell in a Manhattan jail at approximately 7:30 a.m. EDT. Epstein was arrested July 6. New York Times:

Mr. Epstein hanged himself and his body was found this morning at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan at roughly 7:30.

Last month, a week after being denied bail, Mr. Epstein was found unconscious in his cell at the jail in Manhattan with marks on his neck, and prison officials were investigating the incident as a possible suicide attempt.

It was not immediately clear on Saturday whether the authorities had put in additional safeguards to watch him after the incident last month.

It was clear as glass two weeks ago that Epstein was on suicide watch. Here’s the quote from NBC New York:

Epstein is now on suicide watch inside MCC, according to two sources. Attorneys for Epstein did not immediately return calls for comment.

As you may recall, foul play was suspected in Epstein’s case.

A fourth source said an assault has not been ruled out, and that another inmate was questioned. The inmate who investigators have talked to in Lower Manhattan facility has been identified as Nicholas Tartaglione, according to two sources. Tartaglione is a former police officer in Westchester County who was arrested in December 2016 and accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy, then burying their bodies in his yard in Otisville in Orange County, according to court records.

Epstein and Tartaglione were cellmates, two sources tell NBC 4 New York. Tartaglione’s attorney confirmed they shared the same cell block.

Subsequently, on Thursday, a senior official reiterated that all three theories — attempted suicide, try for transfer and attack by inmate — are still in play.

Sources told News 4 investigators questioned Tartaglione, and the former cop claimed not to have seen anything and insisted he did not touch Epstein, sources said.

The attorney for Tartaglione denied all the claims that his client attacked the financier, saying his client and Epstein get along well. The attorney added Epstein was seen today and appears to be fine.

“They are in the same unit and doing well,” said Bruce Barket, an attorney for Tartaglione. He said any claim that Tartaglione might have assaulted Epstein “is absolutely not true.”

Barket said Tartaglione and Epstein have been complaining about conditions inside the MCC including flooding, rodents and bad food.

I do not say this with an eye to fomenting conspiracy theory, but on a level headed basis, would somebody explain to me how a man can be put on suicide watch and two weeks later be found dead, hanging in his cell? I am put in mind of the speech Marlon Brando made in Godfather, where he makes it clear to the assembled capos around the banquet table, where he stands with respect to his son Michael, after the assassination of his son Sonny.

“I’m a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall Michael – if he is to be shot in the head by a police officer, or be found hung dead in a jail cell… or if he should be struck by a bolt o flightning – then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room and then I do not forgive. But with said, I pledge – on the souls of my grandchildren – that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made today.

Epstein was arrested July 6, and he’s dead 34 days later on August 10. Either Epstein wanted himself dead, or somebody else did. In any event, it’s done now. Epstein died the way he lived, sleazy. And unless I am mistaken, a lot of people are breathing easier today, perhaps even Donald Trump.

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My guess is, barring any compelling evidence to the contrary, he likely did it himself. He may have been told what would happen to him if he DIDN’T, of course, but what did he really have to look forward to? A few years in prison that he was maladapted to, information on a lot of powerful people coming to light and looking over his shoulder the rest of his life.

Oh, if DT is breathing easier because one of the many fires he helped stoke got extinguished, he’s an idiot. But we knew that.


I feel angry for the children, (now women) he raped. I hope this is not the end for them. There are others named. This is bullshit.


My speculation aside, I feel the same, Cmae. There’s no closure for a dirtbag like this checking out after all that pain inflicted.

The ass hole had a hell of a machine in place, and DJT’s involvement, even with released videos, doing his thing WITH Epstein at Mar-a-golf, grabbing and pinching a young girl … Having megabucks from the wide area of tainted men, all dysfunctional lizards, with the minds of sexual predators, Trump certainly fits that mold … Epstein, having his tidy little island in the middle of that, “huge ocean”, Trump mentioned, would be the perfect terminal for young girls on their way to other countries, or turned around and delivered in the US, never to be heard from again …… Read more »

Yes!!!! TRUMP can breath AGAIN….😠😠😠


Have no fears, Linda. Something else shall take his breath away soon enough.