Jeffery Epstein Found Dead by Apparent Suicide


According to breaking news on MSNBC, Jeffery Epstein was found dead by apparent suicide in his jail cell.

I will not celebrate anyone’s death. I will state that very few deserved punishment more than him.

This story is fast developing and will be updated every few times an hour until we have details worth sharing. For now, just know the world is rid of him.

One thing, and forgive me for this speculation, I think we all know that a lot of powerful people will not be hurt that Epstein is not around to testify and make some deal. A lot of powerful people can pay a lot of money to make deaths appear to be a suicide.

The above is nothing but fact, it may have NOTHING to do with the story, but ought to be acknowledged as possible.


He had apparently been on suicide watch for a time, but had not been now. Was in his own cell. Was not adjusting to life in a jail cell well.  Apparently had been found attempting a suicide a couple weeks ago.

How someone goes from suicide watch a couple weeks ago to alone in a cell without precaution is beyond me, unless, well – there is plenty of speculation for now above.

He was found at 6:32, and pronounced dead at 7:30 at a local hospital, cause of death apparent suicide by hanging.

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Mike Paris

Acknowledged! New details, indeed.


Ohhhh, shit. Sounds like he knew what he was sitting on was going to get him killed anyway. And that’s on top of being Inside, where the best he could hope for was a permanent stay in Punk City (better known as Protective Custody officially). I expect numerous CTs to be spun out of this, based on what he had to tell. But absent any compelling, verified evidence, I also expect that the official story is how it happened.

Denis Elliott
I “took the morning off” so to speak – no internet or tv and just reading. So I’m trying to get up to speed on this. Questions abound about the suicide watch – was he still on it, if not when was it removed etc. As I said I’m still getting up to speed but one question I don’t see being asked is if Espstein wasn’t on suicide watch anymore than why wasn’t he put in protective custody? Child abusers don’t do well in jail and are given some amount of extra protection and there’s an awful lot of sexual… Read more »

Like you Jason, I don’t pop a cork for ANY death, but I certainly going to light a votive candle either…As for the powerful, I have a couple of thoughts on that, which I’m formulating now…


Too many “biggies” involved…I think he was killed by someone who could be implicated in his pedophilia…yes, a “biggie” by all standards in this country!!!! No one is taken off suicide watch after two weeks!!!


Sorry but I do believe he committed suicide. He lived a life of opulence, freedom and unfettered access to his every whim for more than 30 years. He could do anything and clearly developed a sense of his own invulnerability. Now he was looking at the rest of his life isolated in a small cell rejected by everyone he knew. I’d kill myself too


This is one of the LAST deaths I would dream of celebrating. If, as I understand is the case, no one else was named in his indictment, then this investigation is over. Not only does he escape the years in prison he should be experiencing as a consequence of his eveil, but everyone who ever participated escapes their consequences too. Many are in positions of power. I not only don’t want them in positions of power, I don’t want them walking free at all. That hope is now dashed.

This was definitely an unassisted suicide. Epstein had zero to live for and had already just attempted suicide. He went from living the life of a billionaire with tremendous freedoms to being fed slop and zero freedoms. He would have had to endure the embarrassment and unending public scorn of a long trial (he had pleaded not guilty) and sentencing and would have spent the rest of his natural life behind bars. Further, in his position with what he knew and who he knew, he may have been the most hated man in the US. Who was still on his… Read more »