A memo to the media. Knock It OFF!


This is getting ridiculous. On Sunday, Governor Matt Dewine of Ohio was pretty much chanted off of the stage at an address to a crow of mourners in Dayton to a chorus of Do DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHNG! And within 48 hours, Dewine had propposed a package of sensible gun reform measures for Ohio state legislators to take up upon their return.

Today, two GOP representatives from Ohio also came out in favor of universal background checks, downsizing clip capacity, and even banning some forms of assault weapons. And even a scattering of GOP Senators are starting to make goo-goo moises about the wisdom of offering something just a wee more substantial than “thoughts and prayers” this time around.

And for this transformation, what is their reward in media heaven? Unfortunately, it’s exactly what you’d expect. On CNN and MSNBC they’re being excoriated by panel host and gusts after panel hosts and guests for the extreme length of time that it took them to come to their drunken moment of clarity.

What is up with this shit? If I’m not mistaken, these are the same people who have been telling guys like me that we can’t start calling Trump supporters cro-magnons or knuckle draggers if we want to lure them back into the Democratic fold. We’ll only hurt their ever so sensitive fee-fee’s, when they feel guilty enough already. And now they’re dumping a ration of shit all over the heads of Republican lawmakers, for the tardiness of their come-to-Jesus moment on gun control.

ex GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert once gave his own interpretation to the vaunted “Hastert Rule,” which was interpreted to mean that you never brought a bill to the floor for a vote woth majority support from the majority party. Hasterts interpretation? “The Hastert Rule? That’s simple, get to 218! I don’t care how many Republicans or Democrats there are, as long as it comes out to 218 at the end.” Something that the goddamned media may want to remember, since I can guarantee you that both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell remember it clearly.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is fortunate enough to be married to COnnie Schultz, whom I consider to be one of the premier columnists of our generation. And Ms Schultz was most succinct in her interview with Rachel Maddow last night. “I don’t care how they got there, or how long it took them to get there, I tell them ;Welcome’ at the door.” And then she went on to issue a very prescient warning that the media would do well to heed, “If you make people feel guilty for coming to the right decision, even if belatedly, what effect do you think that it will have on them the next time they consider changing their point of view?” Yeah Connie, I know. Gee, I wonder if it’ll help?

Look, these Republicans are already going to be catching some serious heat from the blathering nitwits over at FOX for their apostasy against Emperor Nubus Nuttus, the least we can do is to give them a welcoming embrace. Isn’t there an old saying, something like better late than never? If the media sstops being such dicks, it may not take so long the next time. Imaging that?

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No, just no. Go fuck yourself with a broomstick, trump and his family are a criminal enterprise in league with our enemies, the entire world sees it and laughs at us and you want me to embrace the dimwits and fucktard rebupublicans who enable this? Nay sir, fuck you. Wake the fuck up, pull your head out of trumps ass and wipe the shit off your face and try to learn some history about what it means to be an American.

rory darjiit

I didn’t really see much negativity on MSNBC. But I expect to over the weekend, because some of Joy’s guests are a bit firery, lol.

If CNN was being jerks toward these Republicans, it’s possible they were confused and thought they were hosting a debate. Or ice capades…it’s really hard to tell what their thought process is to their coverage. It’s clearly not to get ratings, cause that’s not happening.