It shows you how far we’ve fallen as a nation when an incumbent president who has alienated our allies, fomented domestic terrorism,  and is now wreaking economic havoc with his ignorant and ill-advised trade warthi, is still considered a contender for reelection — but that’s the case; at least according to Senator Harry Reid. Daily Beast:

“I’m pretty damn worried,” the former Senate majority leader said in an  interview with The Daily Beast last week, a day before deadly shootings in El Paso and Dayton. “Anybody that thinks he’s going to be beaten easily is wrong. As sad as it is. As hard as it is for me to say this: don’t count that man out.”

“He’s carried the term bullshit as far as it will go,” Reid said at one point, offering the slightest chuckle in appreciation of the line he’d just delivered. “I’ve never known a human being in a position of prominence that you can do nothing to damage his ego in any way. It is absolutely unbelievable.”

But in Reid’s worldview, Trump is a lost cause: a political figure whose output no one—not even White House staff—can reasonably seek to influence or control.

Reid also spoke kindly of Mitt Romney, for at least occasionally standing up to Donald Trump, and I think I know where he’s coming from. In this era of GOP enablers, anybody who even partially takes a stance against Trump is to be favorably noted. That’s the level of cowardice to which the GOP has sunk.

Reid disparaged Lindsey Graham, who he said used to be one of his “favorites” a man that he once admired for his independent stance on immigration reform.

 “He was really, as my dad would say, he was a man. Well, you’re not now. He’s a boy.”

I can’t speak for Graham, but if, at the end of the day, I could only have the respect of my old Senate colleague Harry Reid or be yet another sycophant to the racist realtor from Queens, the choice would be obvious. For reasons only he knows, Graham’s chosen the wrong side of history. One hopes that whatever money or kompromat is coming from Russia is worth it. It seems to me that the price tag is his soul.

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Think Harry’s using the wrong term. He’s concerned…intelligently concerned…about beating Trump, which is smart. But it’s too early to be worried yet.

Damn, Ursula, the idiot in the WH acts like a wannabe Junior high gang-banger, all swagger smarty pants, pea brain … knows NOTHING, floats on his imaginary hot rod, all chromed, Candy Apple red paint job, all tricked out, but sitting on blocks out behind the garage because he’s not smart enough, to realize it takes a key to start it … You can get super pissed at this guy simply because he endangers EVERYONE so deeply, with his far-away intelligence, if there actually was any, AND his continual obstruction/mad-max lies … Moscow Mitch BETTER get off his shit covered… Read more »
rory darjiit
Oh Harry Reid, I miss you. That stoic cowboy spirit played well in contrast to Nancy Pelosi. What a team. I hope he is doing well…last I heard his cancer is in remission. May this continue to be the case. I think he’s right – the data reinforces that sitting presidents are hard to unseat. It rarely happens. The all-out assaults on Obama and W Bush fell far short of accomplishing the task. We think of ’92 as definitive, but it wasn’t really…HW Bush came pretty close to winning in an environment with an 8% unemployment rate. Trump very well… Read more »
“We think of ’92 as definitive, but it wasn’t really…HW Bush came pretty close to winning in an environment with an 8% unemployment rate.” Um, he also faced something that has pretty much doomed every incumbent president when it’s happened: Primary opposition for renomination. During the 1992 campaign, Bush only got 72.8% of the total vote cast by Republican primary voters (in the 17 states that held primaries or caucuses in Feb and Mar, Bush scored above that 72.8% level in just 1 contest while coming within a half-percent of that in 2 others). In 1988, when he was running… Read more »
Nick Sullivan

This still being Amurrica … the benighted land that installed this wretched POS in the first place … beating him of course won’t be easy. If this was 2008 or even 2012 Biden I’d be confident but man he has gotten O-L-D. (Me too but I’m not running.) I’m utterly convinced Warren and Harris would be certain losers, so I have to laugh when I hear about our ‘incredibly talented field.’ I wish Beto or possibly Booker would catch on but …