Good-Bye Trump, We Knew it Would End Like This: China Lowers the Hammer


Trade wars against countries with 1.4 billion consumers are not easy to win, as China demonstrated late last night when it suspended the purchase of all U.S. agricultural products in response to Trump’s moronic trade wars. In case you were not angry enough with Trump:

We all know that this is not something to cheer, even if it surely dooms Trump. Trump already leveled the agricultural sector with his petulant, but limited, trade war. This will only be exponentially worse. Economists worry that the aftershocks from a vicious trade war between the two countries could easily spin the entire globe into an economic recession, or even an uncontrolled depression.

Don’t believe me?

Near everyone could face needless pain, but it will start with people who make their living predicting the economy, as they bail out of securities.


From the beginning, Trump bragged that he – and he alone, despite Obama’s heroic rescue – has kept the nation’s economy “the best it’s ever been.”

He has also famously stated that trade wars are good, and “easy to win.”

The single thing that every sensible person agrees upon is that Trump cannot survive an economic downturn and he definitely cannot survive an economic downturn purely of his own making.

From CNBC:

  • A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce says Chinese companies have stopped purchasing U.S. agricultural products in response to President Trump’s new 10% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese goods.
  • “This is a serious violation of the meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States,” the Minister of Commerce says in a statement Monday.
  • Reports of China pulling out of U.S. agriculture helped exacerbate fears on Wall Street pushing stocks to their worst day of the year. Now that China confirmed the reports, it could add to pressure on equities.

While Trump puckers up, we can safely assume that he did not foresee this, because he has no grasp of cause and effect, never mind negative impacts upon him. But real economists, not fake ones, have said all along that the United States’ economy needs China far more than China needs the United States.

Addiction kills. We all got hooked on Chinese goods through cheap products. The first one is always free. We spiraled into IV slamming by closing manufacturing plants here to the point where we now import 70% of some manufactured goods from China. Some in this nation are addicted to Trump, and destiny seemed to ensure they could never 12 step out of it. A moment of clarity is coming, for all of us.

With that clarity will come the evisceration of Trump’s chances, indeed not only in the election but in surviving criminal consequences afterward. Republicans will tolerate racism, facism, etc. but they will not tolerate Trump taking money directly out of their pocket through a combination of vanity and stupidity, in other words, a trade war.



If this continues for long at all, Trump is done.

But the costs in removing him will roughly equate to what we feared all along.

We just didn’t think it would necessarily happen this way. If the economy nosedives, as it might well, I don’t believe he will make it to election day.


Peace, y’all. I wish this declaration did not have such ominous consequences.









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To paraphrase Churchill, this looks like we’re well past the end of the beginning, and clearly at the beginning of the end.
At last.

I did indeed know that something like this was coming, Jason. What I have found surprising (but shouldn’t have in retrospect) is his willingness to screw over actual business people out of their not-so-hard-earned. Leave the morality question aside for a moment…the lowest panhandler in this country knows not to rob the rich of their money this brazenly. They don’t forgive, they don’t forget. We already know that the usual donor suspects are skipping his reelection campaign. What do you want to make a bet that they’ll be putting their money to active use in terms of getting him out… Read more »
p j evans

Tr*mp is cluelesss about economics, how economies work, and how *businesses* work, and he also is clueless about government and how it’s organized and works. He’s never, ever *worked* in a business that wasn’t owned by a family member, and he’s stupid, thus incurious and uneducated to a degree that was obvious to some of us in 2016.

Dino Durrati

One question I have is did China end its statement with “could hit with tariffs on ag imports” as a way of giving Trump an out?

I mean, if you are not importing what would be the point of tariffs?


Sounds legit, Dino. It’s doubtful that Trump was in on the joke, though.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Yeah, and I tend to think they were deliberately making a joke. And he never gets jokes that are on him.


Do you think this would finally motivate Republicans to impeach Trump? You would think it would, but I don’t know. Republicans seem to be contradictory a lot of times.


Think of it like this instead. No matter what they do now, they’re screwed. Doesn’t matter if Trump is impeached, defeated at the polls or termed out…he’s their mess and no one has the basic intestinal fortitude at the highest levels to challenge him going forward. They’ll save that for after.