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This isn’t something to panic over until it is. Right now it appears shots were fired, but it is not an active shooter, mass murder type of scenario. Hit this link for live coverage and updates from the local television station.

UPDATE: 4:30 p.m. PDT: Baton Rouge Advocate:

LATEST STORY: East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office walks back report, now says no gunfire at Walmart, despite initial 911 report, panic in store


A man who visited Walmart to buy his child a lunchbox Tuesday morning got caught in the middle of an altercation between two other patrons and was injured in the shooting that resulted, authorities said.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said there was never an active shooter situation despite initial reports that suggested otherwise. He said investigators believe two Walmart patrons got into an altercation while standing in the store’s customer service line and both pulled guns out on each other.

At this time, there was no gun play — although people in WalMart can be forgiven for thinking so, considering the prompting they got from El Paso. Nerves are on edge, and rightfully so. And always, better to be safe than sorry.

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Oh my f***ing god…AGAIN?! It better not be.

Anybody that resorts to gunfire in a public place in the face of an argument, should be charged as a criminal, and has no rights to own or carry a weapon, so both parties should go to jail, serve a minimum sentence, then be listed as a felon, using a gun in that way would disqualify them from any association, owning/carrying a gun forever … Like that would make a difference, but they get all their personal info into a large data file, so when they are picked up for any infraction, they have their picture and other items on… Read more »

So. Which one was the “good guy with a gun”?

Carol O

Imagine being a Walmart employee now. As if poor pay and lousy benefits weren’t bad enough. Now they have to wonder if they will be the next casualty, either by a mass murderer, or a couple of armed wingnuts fighting over the same cheap plastic piece of crap from China. Just livin’ the dream.