The image you see is one that alleged El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius liked on Twitter. That makes sense. Donald Trump pumps out racist and divisive rhetoric on a daily basis and excites the lunatic fringe. So, it’s no wonder that one of his devotees cobbled together the objet d’art you see here, and another one went out and killed twenty people and wounded twenty-six others. These people are the outer limit to where Trump’s hatemongering reaches, before it bounces back and somebody gets hurt.

Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) hit the nail on the head earlier today, regarding the El Paso shooting. He said, “We have a white supremacy problem in this country. We have a gun problem in this country. We have a money in politics problem in this country.” Yes, we do. And today, El Paso, Texas was the nexus point where those elements converged and BOOM! Another mass murder on American soil. Naturally, Trump made a statement on Twitter, followed by other GOP leaders.

This is really simple. The NRA bought it’s way clear of gun control legislation. The GOP bought the NRA philosophy, and the NRA bought the GOP — literally. And that’s why we have twenty more Americans dead from gun violence today and over two dozen more in the hospital. By the way, if you are in the El Paso area, blood is needed.

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Thank you for working so hard, and keeping on top of this awful story. The whole crew is amazing. Thanks to all of you.

More and more, I’m getting the sense that these mass shootings will push this nation in the opposite direction much like the famous urban riots of the 1960s did. To be crystal clear on the latter, those came from a place of grievances FAR more legit than the current crop of brownshirt wannabes. But those of a certain age may recall the enormous pushback from those riots which directly to Reagan’s “Morning In America” after the Nixon blunders. Internet is just going to speed up the process. My one big regret and sadness is how such pushback is far too… Read more »